Largest River in World: List of Top 10 Largest River in the World

By : Neha Dhyani

Updated : Jan 3, 2022, 7:43

Rivers are life for all living beings, and you'll find human settlements along the banks of most rivers. Transport, recreation, and energy depend largely on rivers. They are also an important food source for humans, animals, and plants.

In this article, we'll share with you the largest rivers in the world in 2022, the countries they pass through, and the animals and plants that are found around them.

Largest River in World 2022

Here's a list of the top 10 largest rivers in the world:


Name of the River

Water discharged (cubic feet per second)


The Amazon River



The Congo River



The Yangtze River



The Mississippi River

2,00,000 to 7,00,000


The Yenisei River



The Parana River



The Ob River



The Amur River



The Yellow River



The Nile River


The Top 10 Largest Rivers in the World in Detail

Amazon River

This is the largest river in the world, and it flows through Brazil, Peru, and Columbia. It makes up 20% of the total volume of the world's river flow. Apart from 300 types of fish, you'll also find crabs, otters, eels, turtles, manatees, dolphins, and the world-famous anaconda here. Its length is 3,997 miles. 

Congo River

This is the second-largest river in the worldand it was earlier known as the Zaire River. It flows through Angola, Zambia, Gabon, and Cameroon before meeting the Atlantic Ocean. It also provides hydropower to the entire Sub-Saharan African Region. It is 2716 miles long. 

Yangtze River

This river ranks third on the list of largest rivers globally and supports one-third of China's population. You can find the world's deepest gorge, the Tiger Leaping Gorge, on the upper side of this river. Important cities that you'll find along the Yangtze's riverbanks are Shanghai, Wuhan, Chongqing, Yichang, Wuxi, and Zhenjiang. 

Mississippi River

At 2320 miles, this is the fourth largest river in the world. More than 18 million people depend on it for water and plant domestication. Its Western tributary is the Missouri River, while the Eastern Tributary is the Ohio River. 

Yenisei River

At the fifth position, we have the Yenisei River, which originates in Mongolia. It flows through Russia, the Irkutsk region, and the Transbaikalia territory before meeting the Arctic Ocean. The Yenisei watershed has the largest freshwater lake worldwide, Lake Baikal. 

Paraná River

This South-American River originates in Brazil. It is home to the Itaipu Hydroelectric Dam, the world's biggest hydroelectric power plant. Its journey continues through Paraguay and Argentina before it finally enters the Atlantic Ocean. 

Ob River

In the seventh position is the Ob or Obi River. Though found mainly in Russia, you can find its tributaries in Mongolia, Kazakhstan, and China. 

Amur River

Located at the border of Russia and China, the eighth largest river in the world measures 2,714 miles. It originates from the Shilka River in Russia and Argun River in Manchuria jointly and finally enters the Tartar Straits. 

Yellow River

Ranked number nine, the yellow river originates in the Bayankala Mountains in Qinghai province and ends at the Bohai Sea.

Nile River

At 4132 miles, the Nile River is the longest in the world and the tenth largest. Some of the countries it flows through are Sudan, Egypt, Uganda, Rwanda, and Burundi. Its two tributaries are the White Nile and the Blue Nile. 

Rivers are an important part of our life, and they also support the travel and livelihood of many plants and animals.

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FAQs about Largest Rivers in the World

  • Which is the largest river in the world by volume?

The largest river in the world by volume is the Amazon River. 

  • What is the largest river in the world in 2022?

The largest river in the world in 2022 is the Amazon River. 

  • Which is the largest river in the world by area?

The largest river in the world by area is the Amazon River.