List of International Organizations and Their Headquarters

By : Neha Dhyani

Updated : Feb 23, 2022, 13:00

International Organizations are an important part of global governance and peacekeeping. Let’s talk about such important Organizations and their headquarters.

World Organizations and Their Headquarters




Asian Development Bank

Provides loans and investment options for projects of development in member countries

Mandaluyong, Philippines

Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank

Finances sustainable infrastructural development in member countries

Beijing, China

Amnesty International

Global group for movements to protect human rights

London, UK

Asia Pacific Economic Corporation

Asia-Pacific region forum that facilitates trade and investment for economic growth

Queenstown, Singapore


Works towards social progress, economic prosperity and cultural development in the region

Jakarta, Indonesia

Bank for International Settlements

Coordinates global central banks and their monetary policies for global financial stability

Basel, Switzerland


Nurtures economic and regional cooperation among littoral regions

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Commonwealth of Nations

An alliance of the UK and its former territories that have decided to maintain ties for practical cooperation

London, UK

Council of Europe

Encourages European unity, protects democracy and human rights

Strasbourg, France

European Bank for Reconstruction Development

Finances private sector industries, businesses, and banks

London, UK

European Union

Promotes and encourages peace in the region

Brussels, Belgium

European Free Trade Association

Promotes free trade among its four-member States

Geneva, Switzerland (Secretariat)


Works to check hunger at an international level

Rome, Italy

Financial Action Task Force

Develops policies to establish international standards

Paris, France

Gulf Cooperation Council

Achieve unity among member States with similar cultural and political identities

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


Promotes human, labour and social rights of labours internationally

Geneva, Switzerland

International Court of Justice

Settles legal disputes among States internationally

The Hague, Netherlands


Promotes monetary cooperation at a global level

Washington, D.C, USA

International Organisation for Migration

Fosters global cooperation on the issue of migration

Geneva, Switzerland


Improves security and safety of international shipping to curb pollution

London, UK


Creates regulations for international aviation

Montreal, Canada

International Telecommunication Union

Encourages shared utilisation of global spectrum of radio

Geneva, Switzerland


Promotes cooperation for use of atomic energy peacefully

Vienna, Austria

International Criminal Court

Prosecutes cases of war crimes, genocide and crimes against humanity

The Hague, Netherlands

International Sea Bed Authority

Regulates mineral activities in international seabed areas

Kingston, Jamaica

International Fund for Agricultural Development

Assists rural people for food achieving food security and overcoming poverty

Rome, Italy

International Whaling Commission

Works for conservation of whales

Impington, UK

Indian Ocean Rim Association

Promotes cooperation among Indian Ocean regions

Ebene, Mauritius


Helps maintain the stability of oil supply internationally

Paris, France


A platform for discussion among countries that are part of the global energy market

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

International Press Institute

Protects freedom of the Press

Vienna, Austria


Authority on safeguarding the natural world

Gland, Switzerland

New Development Bank

Funds infrastructure projects in BRICS

Shanghai, China


Guarantees security and freedom of member States using political and military means

Brussels, Belgium

The organisation of Islamic Cooperation

Preservation of Islamic social and economic value

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


Unifies and protects petroleum policies of members

Vienna, Austria


Builds policies

Paris, France

Organisation for Prohibition of Chemical Weapons

Prohibits creating, storing, transfer of chemical weapons

The Hague, Netherlands

Permanent Court of Arbitration

Arbitrates international disputes

The Hague, Netherlands

Shanghai Cooperation Organisation

Body for the stability, healthy trade, tackling challenges and humanitarian cooperation in Eurasia

Beijing, China


Cooperative group for member countries

Kathmandu, Nepal


International peace

New York, USA


International security and peace

New York, USA


HIV prevention

Geneva, Switzerland


Poverty eradication

Paris, France


International resource for building better lives

New York, USA


Child health and nutrition

New York, USA


Equal opportunity for all

New York, USA


Sustainable tourism

Madrid, Spain


International crime prevention

Turin, Italy


Assist industrialisation

Vienna, Austria

Universal Postal Union

Improve international postal service

Berne, Switzerland

United Nations University

Research and development

Tokyo, Japan

UN Women

Gender equality

New York, USA


Promote sustainable towns and cities

Nairobi, Kenya


Promote trade in developing countries

Geneva, Switzerland


Addresses environmental issues

Nairobi, Kenya


Disaster risk reduction

Geneva, Switzerland


Addresses issues of crime, drugs, terrorism

Vienna, Austria


International coordination regarding the condition of Earth’s atmosphere

Geneva, Switzerland

World Intellectual Property Organisation

Protection of industrial property and copyrights

Geneva, Switzerland


Promote health

Geneva, Switzerland


Funding and knowledge for the developing nations

Washington, D.C., USA


Promotes free trade

Geneva, Switzerland

World Food Programme

Address world hunger

Rome, Italy

World Customs Organisation

Establishes standards for the international movement of goods

Brussels, Belgium


Formulates industrial, global and national agendas

Cologny-Geneva, Switzerland


Raise awareness in travel and tourism

London, UK

Worldwide Fund for Nature

Conserve and protect endangered species

Gland, Switzerland


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FAQs About International Organizations and Their Headquarters

  • What is the total number of International Organizations in the World?

There are over 300 international/intergovernmental Organizations in the world.

  • Which are the most famous International Organisations?

The United Nations Organisation is the most famous international organisation.

  • How many International Organizations is India part of?

India is a member of a total of 47 international organisations.

  • How many International Organizations does Geneva play host to?

Geneva hosts a total of 39 international organisations.