Indian Navy Day: Know all About Navy Day, History, Importance

By : Neha Dhyani

Updated : Jan 10, 2022, 8:47

Navy Day is celebrated annually on 4th December to commemorate the start of Operation Trident against Pakistan during the 71st India-Pakistan War. The Indian Navy is a balanced, three-dimensional force that functions above, on, and below sea level, contributing to national interests. Its purpose is also to improve the situation in the Indian Ocean.

History of Indian Navy Day

On the night of 4th December 1971, Pakistan had no planes capable of night bombing, so the Indian Navy planned an attack on the Pakistani Navy headquarters in Karachi. The attack was successful as the INS Nipat, INS Veer, and INS Nirghat destroyed the enemy. Navy Day is therefore celebrated every year to celebrate the success and achievements of the Indian Navy.

The Indian Navy was established by the East India Company in the year 1612. Commodore Kasargod Patnashetti Gopal Rao was the man who led the attack that sank the ship in Karachi. 

Early operations of the Indian Navy included a contribution to the annexation of Goa from Portugal in 1961. 

The cof Indian Navy Day

Indian Navy Day raises public awareness about the Indian Navy. This day celebrates the glory and great achievements of the Navy of the country.

Chhatrapati Shivaji Bhonsle, the emperor of the 17th century Maratha Empire, is considered the "father of the Indian Navy".

The Indian Navy's role is to secure the country's waters and renew India's global relations through port visits, altruistic missions, joint exercises, rebellions, and more.

About the Indian Navy

The operational and administrative controls of the Indian Navy are carried out by the Head of the Navy Staff (CNS) at the Integrated Headquarters of the Department of Defense (Navy). The Navy has three commands, namely, the Western Naval Command (Headquarters in Mumbai), the Eastern Navy Command (Headquarters of Visakhapatnam), and the South Navy Command (Kochi Headquarters), each under the control of the Navy General Commanding-in-Chief.

The Indian Navy is significant in securing the country's maritime borders and accelerating India's international relations through various means such as seaport visits, joint ventures, patriotic missions, and disaster relief.

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FAQs about Indian Navy Day

Q.1. What was the theme of the Indian Navy Day Date in 2020 and 2021?

Different themes are proposed each year to celebrate Navy Day. The theme of the 2021 Indian Navy Day was 'Swarnim Vijay Varsh.' This refers to India's 50-year victory in the 1971 India-Pakistan War. The 2020 theme was 'Indian Navy Ready for Combat, Reliability, and Cohesion.'

Q.2. What is the Indian Navy's motto?

The India Navy's motto is 'Sam no Varunah' (शं नो वरूण‌:) This means that Varna, the God of water, brings us good luck.

Q.3. Who plans all the activities for Indian Navy Day?

Visakhapatnam's Eastern Navy Command plans all the activities and events to celebrate Navy Day, beginning with a wreath ceremony at the War Memorial of Korea (RK Beach), followed by hands-on demonstrations of the energy and power of the Navy submarines, ships, aircraft, and other troops. 

On this day, visitors have access to Indian Navy warships and aircraft. Journalists hold the Military Photo Exhibition in Ernakurum at the Navy Festival.

Q.4. When is Indian Navy Day celebrated?

Indian Navy Day is celebrated on 4th December.