15 August 2022 Independence Day of India

By : Neha Dhyani

Updated : Jul 27, 2022, 16:30

Indian Independence Day commemorated freedom from the British Raj on August 15, 1947. Some celebrated the Independence of India from the British Raj, while others suffered from the deadly conflagrations of the partition.

The Indian Independence Day is a national festival celebrated by flying kites and hoisting flags at the Red Fort. After completing a quarter of a century, India celebrates its 75th year of independent existence in 2022.

Indian Independence Day and the Wish of Lord Mountbatten

Lord Mountbatten, the last viceroy of India before its Independence from British Rule, chose August 15 as Indian Independence Day.

  • Although the British parliament declared the Independence of India on July 18 1947, Batten chose August 15 since it coincided with Japan surrendering to the allied forces.
  • Pakistan celebrates its independence on August 14 because Lord Mountbatten insisted on attending the celebrations of both countries.
  • Therefore, both countries celebrate their Independence Day on consecutive days.

75th Indian Independence Day (2022)

India will mark its 75th Indian Independence Day on August 15 2022, completing 75 glorious years of freedom and self-governance. This year celebrates Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav, instituted by the Ministry of Culture.

To commemorate the 75th Indian Independence Day, the Prime Minister of India took action on several initiatives to reach India 2.0 version in the next 25 glorious years:

  • The country will commemorate the Partition Horrors Remembrance Day on August 14.
  • Since the celebrations for the Azadi Mahotsav began in March 2021 itself, the Prime Minister of India announced these initiatives beforehand.
  • Several initiatives such as the Gati Shakti Master Plan, National Hydrogen Mission, and 75 Vande Bharat trains connecting 40 cities throughout India will start this year.
  • The rice fortification plan will add micronutrients to regular food, distributed by Public Distributions Schemes (PDS) and the midday meals provided at government schools to supply nutrients to the children.
  • Now, girls can take admissions to Sainik Schools.
  • E-commerce platforms support and promote Women's Self-Help Groups.

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Independence Day Indian Flag Image

Indian flag for Independence Day depicts 3 colours - orange at the topmost, white in the middle, and green at the bottom. Independence Day Indian Flag shows a Chakra (wheel shape) in the centre, which is blue.

Indian Independence Day

  • The top band of Saffron indicates the country's strength and courage.
  • The middle band indicates peace and truth with Dharma Chakra.
  • The last band displays the land's fertility, development and auspiciousness.
  • The Ashoka Chakra is a circle that represents the ocean, sky, and the universal truth. Therefore, it is in the centre of the white stripe of the national flag.

More Facts about the Indian Independence Day

Given below are some important facts about Indian Independence Day which is celebrated every year on the 15th of August.

The Indian National Anthem

Rabindranath Tagore penned a song in 1911, Bharoto Bhagyo Bidhata, later renamed Jan Gan Man. The Constituent Assembly of India embraced the Indian National Anthem on the 24th of January 1950.

Introducing the Radcliffe Line

Although the British government announced the partition of India at midnight on the 14th of August 1947, it took two more days to officially announce the existence of the Radcliffe line drawn by Sir Cyril Radcliff to the people of India.

This delay in the official announcement created turmoil amongst the people of both Pakistan and India.

Sharing Independence Day with India

South Korea, The Republic of Congo, Bahrain, and Liechtenstein share the same day for celebrating their Independence with the Indian Independence Day every year on the 15th of August.

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Indian Independence Day Significance

India earned its Independence on the 15th of August. The Indian Independence Day Date commemorates the journey from being a British colony to a sovereign nation, giving India its right to home rule.

After a long rebellious struggle, beginning with the Revolt of 1857 and the efforts of many freedom fighters like Mahatma Gandhi, Subhash Chandra Bose, Lala Lajpat Rai, and many more later, India finally became capable of controlling the reins of the country's governance.

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Happy Indian Independence Day - Celebrations

Indian independence day is honoured throughout India with flag-raising ceremonies, drills, and the singing of the Indian national anthem.

  • A lot of cultural programs take place in the different state capitals.
  • The prime minister participates in the flag-raising ceremony at the Red Fort historic monument in Old Delhi.
  • A parade occurs with the police associates and armed forces.
  • The PM then gives a televised address to the country, narrating the significant accomplishments of India during the last year and summarising future objectives and challenges.
  • One of the Independence Day traditions is kite flying by the majority of the citizen. The sky becomes bright with a variety of kites flying at the same time.
  • To celebrate the day, government headquarters in New Delhi stay lit throughout the festival.
  • Teachers in school manage to conduct Independence day celebrations before the special day by organizing small skits, cultural activities, flag hoisting, and painting competitions.
  • Mentors make sure to provide Indian Independence day craft ideas for preschool students to create a sense of patriotism and let them construct unique objects for the special day.

Indian Independence Day Dress-Up Ideas

Independence Day is one of the most powerful patriotic days among all national festivals. If we thought of time back to sixty-nine years ago, we could witness all the sacrifices our freedom fighters went through to make India free.

  • Ladies can wear a traditional silk saree with a national flag colour scheme or make their personalized traditional attire with tri-colour accessories.
  • Men can try a white shirt with a pair of jeans, green colour shoes and a saffron colour waistcoat to portray their devotion to the nation's festival.
  • Children can also wear traditional outfits of orange, white, green, and blue or a combination.
  • These are a few Indian Independence Day Dress-Up Ideas everyone can try to honour India's Independence.

Latest Indian Independence Day Greetings

It was the day when the country got its absolute Independence from British rule. Check out the Happy Indian Independence Day wishes, quotes, status, messages, and greetings that you can share with your friends and family to spread that you are proud to be an Indian.

  • May this Independence Day bring luck and win for everyone. May our country see more advancement in the forthcoming years! Happy Independence Day!
  • On August 15, we celebrate the praise of freedom. We don't comprehend the value of it until we lose it, so let's recall that and never let it go. Happiness to the nation. Happy Independence Day!
  • We may never know how it feels like to live in a free country if it was not for the courageousness of our freedom fighters. Today they deserve a big salute from us. Happy Independence Day!
  • "Freedom is never dear at any cost. It is the breath of life. What would a man not pay for living?" - Mahatma Gandhi.
  • "May the sun in his course visit no land more free, more happy, more lovely, than this our country!" - Sardar Bhagat Singh.
  • "One individual may die for an ideas, but that idea will, after his death, incarnate itself in a thousand lives." -Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose.
  • "Let new India arise out of peasants' cottage, grasping the plough, out of huts, cobbler and sweeper." - Swami Vivekananda.

Details about Indian Flag Independence Day 2021

On August 15, 2021, India celebrated its 75th Independence Day with full enthusiasm. The national flag was hoisted by Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the Red Fort and addressed to the nation from the wall of the iconic building.

  • The theme of Indian Independence Day 2021 was - 'Nation First, Always First'.
  • British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was the Chief Guest at the 2021 Republic Day.

FAQs on Indian Independence Day

Q1. Why is Indian Independence Day celebrated?

The country celebrates Indian Independence Day to remember the end of the British Raj in India. It commemorates the bravery and spirits of patriotism in the freedom fighters who helped India gain its Independence and rights to self-governance.

Q2. What is the theme of the 74th Indian Independence Day?

The 74th Indian Independence Day theme is 'Nation First, Nation Always'. Prime Minister Narendra Modi proposed the theme. The PM gave the Independence day 2021 theme while addressing the nation at the Red Fort.

Q3. Who delivered the first Indian Independence Day speech?

Jawaharlal Nehru, India's first Prime Minister, gave the speech on the first Indian Independence Day. His speech is popularly known as Tryst with Destiny. His speech is supposed to be one of the most incredible speeches of the 20th century.

Q4. Who hoists the flag at the red fort on Indian Independence Day?

Every year since 1947, The Prime Minister of India unfolds the flag at the Red Fort in Delhi and gives a speech on Indian Independence Day. The PM also addressed the nation about the country's approach for the forthcoming years and sent out wishes to all Indians to mark the occasion.

Q5.Which is the 75th Independence Day of India?

The 75th Year of Indian Independence Day or Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav is an upcoming event in which the 75th Year of India is getting Independence from the British. It is to be celebrated on August 15 2022.