Global Hunger Index [GHI]

By : Neha Dhyani

Updated : Apr 1, 2022, 12:17

The Global Hunger Index measures the world's hunger at regional, national, and local levels. It is an annual report published by Concern Worldwide of Ireland and Welthungerhilfe. It is a German non-profit organization.

Global Hunger Index Score

Global Hunger Index ranks countries on a 100 point scale, in which zero represents no hunger. Four indicators are the basis of GHI scores, and together these component indicators reflect the deficiencies of calories and micronutrients.

The four leading indicators are -

  1. Undernourishment: It is that part of the population whose intake of caloric content is not sufficient.
  2. Child Stunting: This is the share of children under five whose height is low according to their age.
  3. Child Wasting: Children under the age of five have low weight according to their height.
  4. Child Mortality: It is the Mortality rate of children whose age is under five.
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Global Hunger Index 2021 - Highlights

India ranked 101 out of 116 countries in total in the 2021 rankings. The level of hunger is marked as "serious," with a score of 27.5.

India slipped a total of 7 positions from the rank of 2020 GHI.

The ranks of the neighbouring countries are as follows:

  • Nepal 76
  • Pakistan 92
  • Sri Lanka 65
  • Bangladesh 76

Ranking of India on the Global Hunger Index from the years 2018 to 2021

Global Hunger Index India's Rank
2021 Global Hunger Index101 out of 116 countries
2020 Global Hunger Index94 out of 107 countries
2019 Global Hunger Index102 out of 117 countries
2018 Global Hunger Index103 out of 119 countries

The rate of child wasting is exceptionally high in India. In 2019, 20.8% was the recorded child wasting rate in India. According to the United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund (UNICEF) studies, child wasting is a significant indicator of the level of mortality among children under the age of 5 years.

Supplementary Initiatives by India

  1. Eat right India Movement: It is an activity organized by India's Food Safety and Standards Authority. This is launched to encourage people that they should eat right.
  2. Poshan Abhiyaan: This activity was launched by the Ministry of Women and Child Development in 2018. Its main aim is to reduce diseases like anaemia among children, women, and adolescent girls.
  3. Food fortification: Food fortification is also known as food enrichment. It is the process of adding vitamins and minerals such as iron, zinc, and magnesium into our daily diet.
  4. National Food Security Act, 2013: This scheme aims to provide subsidized food pulses and grains to the Targeted Public Distribution System.
  5. Mission Indradhanush: This mission targets pregnant women and kids under two years.

The rankings of the Global Hunger Index in 2021 were the 16th edition since its start in the year 2006. Since last year India has made a lot of improvements in many indicators. We hope that India will improve its ranking in the GHI in the coming years by launching some more effective schemes.

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FAQs on Global Hunger Index

Q.1. What was India's score on the Global Hunger Index 2020?

India's score was 27.2 on the 2020 Global Hunger Index.

Q.2. What are the four indicators of the Global Hunger Index?

The four indicators of the Global Hunger Index are -

  • Undernourishment
  • Child Stunting
  • Child Wasting
  • Child Mortality

Q.3. Name some countries which are ahead of India in the Global Hunger Index Ranking.

Indonesia, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Pakistan are ahead of India's Global Hunger Index Ranking.

Q.4. Name some countries which top the Global Hunger Index Ranking.

China, Belarus, and Turkey have top ranks in the Global Hunger Index Ranking.