Digital India [DI]

By : Neha Dhyani

Updated : Mar 30, 2022, 6:03

Launched on the 1st of July 2015, Digital India is a campaign initiated by the central government to digitally empower the citizens. It was incorporated by the current prime minister of India, Mr Narendra Modi. This campaign ensures that government services are provided to the citizens via numerous digital channels.

Digital India Campaign

The Digital India campaign also includes initiatives to bring high-speed internet facilities to the rural areas of the country. Digital India is also the enabler of other schemes launched by the government of India. For example, the Aadhaar card service was enabled by the Digital India campaign. With Aadhar cards, digital biometric ID cards for citizens were created. Read on to know more about the Digital India campaign and its benefits.

Visions/Missions of the Digital India campaign

1. There are three vision areas for the Digital India campaign, which are as follows:

The first vision area of the Digital India campaign is offering digital infrastructure as a utility to every resident of India. The missions under this vision area are listed below:

  • Offering high-speed internet to every citizen for delivery of government services.
  • Offering a unique and lifelong digital identity to each resident of India.
  • Make sure every citizen has a mobile phone and a bank account to participate in the digital space.
  • Offering shared private space to citizens on a public cloud platform.
  • Offering secure cyberspace to the residents of India.

2. The second vision area focuses on providing governance/services when needed by the citizens. This visions area includes the following missions:

  • Integrating services under jurisdiction into one for better results.
  • Offering real-time services to citizens via an online platform.
  • Citizen rights/entitlements should be available on the cloud platform.
  • Improving the state of cashless transactions, ease of doing business, and GIS (Geospatial Information Systems).

3. The third vision area focuses on the digital empowerment of the citizens. It includes the following missions:

  • Promoting digital literacy and making digital resources available to the residents.
  • Offering digital resources/services to citizens in Indian languages for added convenience.
  • Allowing citizens to submit documents digitally for various government services.
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Common Digital India initiatives

Digital India initiatives are spread across infrastructure, services, and empowerment. Some common Digital India initiatives for citizens are as follows:




Aadhaar identity platform for citizens

BHIM for boosting cashless transactions.

BPO Scheme for boosting the IT/ITES growth.

BBNL (Bharat Broadband Network) for laying optical fibre lines

CCTNS for tracking criminal identity and enhancing policing.

MYGOV for better governance and bringing citizens closer to the government.

COE-IT for developing IoT ecosystem across the country

Digital AIIMS for offering a digital identity to every patient of AIIMS.

PAHAL (DBTL) for removing duplicate LPG connections in the country.

CSCS (Common Service Centres) for accessing public services.

E-Panchayat for ensuring better governance in rural areas.

PAYGOV India is an online payment gateway for citizens.

As a responsible citizen, one should leverage the power of Digital India initiatives. Use DI initiatives for added convenience! It is a very convenient way of storing important data safely in a digital format. You won't face the challenge of losing any of your documents ever. This is really helpful when you want to travel without any documents.

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FAQs on Digital India [DI]

Q.1. What is the Smart Cities initiative under Digital India [DI]?

The ‘Smart Cities’ mission under Digital India [DI] is for creating sustainable and developed cities across the country.

Q.2. What is DIGILOCKER under Digital India [DI] Initiatives?

DIGILOCKER under Digital India [DI] is made for storing and sharing crucial certificates or documents. A DIGILOCKER can be counted as a digital wallet for crucial documents.

Q.3. Who enables the Digital India initiatives across the country?

Agencies that are involved in enabling Digital India initiatives are DST, DIPP, Department of Finance Services, DEPWD, SFAC, DAC&FW, CSC, CRIS, C-DAC, CCA, and many others.

Q.4. What is the storage space offered to DigiLocker users under Digital India?

You get a storage space of 1 GB by using DigiLocker under Digital India [DI] for storing documents.