Difference Between Hardware and Software

By : Neha Dhyani

Updated : Apr 13, 2022, 9:29

Computers have changed the way we work. They have simplified many complex tasks, which can now be accomplished with a single click of a button. But the computer itself is made of complex machines. The two most important components of a computer are its hardware and software. Reach Difference Between Hardware and Software below-

Hardware and Software in Computers

Hardware and software are components of a computer but still are very different. Hardware is like a piano, and software is like the music that the piano plays. Hardware generally includes the machine and mechanical parts that we see in a computer. This includes the monitor, keyboard, mouse, and central processing unit. On the other hand, the software includes the programs that allow the machine to function. Both hardware and software depend on each other for functioning and performing tasks on the computer.

Software programmers or coders and software engineers together use engineering principles to build software for different purposes. Special languages are important for developing software programs. This includes C++ and Java. Software developers establish a framework, gather the users' requirements, build a design, model, construct codes, test, and configure different software that serves different purposes.

The hardware consists of the computer's physical parts, which are manufactured in factories. The central processing units of a computer are made of crystalline silicon. The component is commonly found in sand. The microchips and transistors are internal components that are carefully installed in the computers. The computer's hardware uses several materials like plastic, metal, and alloys for making different components.

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Difference Between Hardware and Software

Some important Difference Between Hardware and Software are listed in the table below:

Name of the Computer Component




Physical parts like the machinery or additional devices of the computer are called hardware.

The programs that consist of specific instructions for any computer to function are called software.

Components Categorization

The different components of hardware are categorized as follows:

  • Input devices
  • Output devices
  • Storage devices
  • Internal components

System software (performs core functions of the computer like operating system, hardware management, and disk management).

Programming software (tools like debuggers and linkers for programmers to improve software).

Application software (software to perform specific tasks like media player and the Amazon app).


Hardware is like the body. It provides the computer with a means to function. However, hardware is dependent on the software to complete tasks.

Software is like the brain. It is a critical component for a computer to perform tasks. However, the software is also dependent on the hardware to function.


Hardware is tangible. We can touch and see the hardware of the computer.

Software is intangible. We cannot see or touch the software of the computer.

Developed By

Hardware manufacturers.

Software programmers.

Virus Attack

Hardware is not affected by computer viruses.

Software is affected by computer viruses.


Upgrade in hardware improves its looks and ease of device functioning.

Upgrade in software improves the efficiency and speed of performing tasks.


Central Processing Unit, Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse.

Microsoft Office and Photoshop.

Both hardware and software are important for building a computer. The Main Difference Between Hardware and Software is in their tangibility and the functions they perform. Hardware and software together make a computer that has changed the way we perform tasks.

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FAQs on the Difference Between Hardware and Software

Q.1. What is the Difference Between Hardware and Software in a computer?

The Main Difference Between Hardware and Software is in their tangibility and the functions they perform.

Q.2. Is there any Difference Between Hardware and Software developers and manufacturers?

Yes, there is a Difference Between Hardware and Software developers and manufacturers. The hardware of a computer is developed by hardware manufacturers, and software is developed by software programmers.

Q.3. Explain the Difference Between Hardware and Software with respect to their tangibility.

The Difference Between Hardware and Software is that hardware is tangible and can be touched. Software, on the other hand, is intangible and cannot be touched or seen.

Q.4. What is the Difference Between Hardware and Software Examples?

The Difference Between Hardware and Software Examples are as follows:

  • Examples of hardware include computer monitors, keyboards, and other connected devices.
  • Software examples include programs like MS Office and Photoshop.