26th Conference of Parties [COP26]

By : Neha Dhyani

Updated : Jun 2, 2022, 12:52

COP26 better known as the Glasgow Climate Change Conference, held by 197 nations, looked forward to hearth a global response to the emergencies and threats arising from climate changes under the aegis of UNFCCC, United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Changes.

They agreed to a new environmental pact. Such meetings often swing between fractious and tranquillising moments, as in the Paris agreement in 2015, which showed high drama and occasional victory and a total failure, as in Copenhagen in 2009.

26th Conference of Parties [COP26] was postponed by a year because of the Covid Pandemic.

It was officially opened on 31st October 2021. It produced the Glasgow Pact - a final cover text or dogmatic verdict, negotiated and finally approved by all parties and for which necessary documents were duly submitted.

Objectives of COP26

The Conference of Parties intends to achieve the following four main objectives and implement them successfully:

  • Acquire international worldwide net-zero by mid-century and keep 1.5C degrees accessible
  • Efforts are taken to protect the natural habitats and kinships
  • Organise and mobilise funds and finances
  • Jointly make efforts to accomplish the desired goals by setting rules and details in order

Achievements of COP26

The achievements of COP26 have not been up to the mark, as many nations have not taken action with the seriousness concerning the climatic changes and hazards. They had major goals like ending deforestation to slow down global warming and climate change and reduce methane emissions, as methane is one of the most powerful greenhouse gases.

Efforts are also taken to minimise the effects of climate changes on the agriculture sector and thus reduce global warming. COP26 summit made governments understand the soil and nutrient management procedures, maintainable food production and livestock administration that are vulnerable to climate changes.

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Importance of COP26

According to the studies, the Glasgow summit presented the IPCC, the UN's International Panel on Climatic Changes report, which mentioned the influence of humankind on the climate owing to the sweltering of fossil fuels and other forms of pollution.

Little importance given to CO2 emissions would put the goal of managing temperature 1.5 degrees C accessible amiss. If urgent actions were not taken, global warming would continue to affect the climate.

Over 80 countries have endorsed the One Sun Declaration, which means One Sun, One World, One Grid (GGI-OSOWOG) and the sun is an important source of energy. This treaty aims to tap solar energy.

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IRIS has the initiative of setting up rules and regulations and standards for resilient infrastructure in small island states, and some coastal areas have been taken forward by India, the U.K and Australia with Fiji, Jamaica and Mauritius.

COP26 aimed to hearth a global response to the emergencies and threats arising from climate changes under the aegis of UNFCCC, United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Changes.

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FAQs on COP26

Q1. When and where was COP26 held?

COP26 was held from 31st October 2021 to 12th November 2021 at the Scottish Event Campus (SEC) in Glasgow, United Kingdom.

Q2. What was achieved at COP26?

The most important achievement of COP26 was the finalisation of the Guidelines and was to fully implement the Paris Agreement successfully, as mentioned in Article 6.

Q3. Why was COP26 postponed?

COP26 was originally supposed to be held in 2020 but was postponed due to the COVID -19 Pandemic.

Q4. What did COP26 agree upon?

COP26 agreed upon reducing the worst impacts of climate change through joint efforts.