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By K Balaji|Updated : January 28th, 2023

Current Affairs Video is very crucial in the preparation for most competitive exams. In India, most of the competitive exams have a dedicated section of general knowledge that mostly covers current affairs. According to most scientific studies, it is concluded that visual representations of topics are easier to remember than theoretical ones. The Daily Current Affairs Video, if watched every day after newspaper reading, will help the candidate to memorize facts in a much better way.

With everything being just a click away, Current Affairs Videos play a significant role in the preparation for exams. If we talk specifically about the UPSC Exam, the Current Affairs is a significant part of it. A candidate should get hold of the Best Current Affairs Youtube Channel for UPSC so that they do not miss anything important.

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Daily Current Affairs Video for Competitive Exam

Current Affairs refers to the news that is of national or international importance and is relevant for all government exams, but most importantly for UPSC Exam. With Current Affairs assuming the major part of UPSC exams, either directly or indirectly, questions relating to Daily Current Affairs Video have gained importance. For Current Affairs, the questions can be divided into two segments static and dynamic. The static portion deals with the UPSC Syllabus and parts of the syllabus that does not change. The questions asked in this section need correlation and interlinking of facts, whereas the dynamic segment, it is purely current affairs based. Direct questions are asked from it.

Daily Current Affairs Video plays a very crucial role in preparation. Inculcating them into the UPSC Preparation Strategy is a must for every aspiring UPSC aspirant. Youtube is flooded with lots of Daily Current Affairs Video. Nearly every institute puts out its content. It is up to the aspirant to select the best among them. For cost-benefit analysis, examine the past 7 days' Current Affairs Videos, and you will understand which institute provides the best Current Affairs Videos 2022.

Best YouTube Channel to Prepare Current Affairs

Apart from referring to the UPSC Books, a serious candidate should also take help of the technology wherever added. But, technology should be used for value addition and not to mere waste time surfing online. UPSC aspirants take the help of YouTube channels for the IAS Exam

The best thing about Current Affairs Video is that a candidate can learn and memorize things and facts at one’s own pace. The Current Affairs Video can be downloaded and shared in just one go. Many institutions and online preparation portals have taken to social media platforms to provide very conclusively 30-60 second videos on Current Affairs, also known as reels. Youtube provides innumerable Current Affairs Videos 2023, it is up to one that chooses the best

Daily Current Affairs Video [28th January 2023]

Weekly Current Affairs Video [2022-23]

Monthly Current Affairs Video [2022-23]

Best Youtube Channel to Prepare Daily Current Affairs for UPSC Exam

Technology has subjugated every aspect of the social order and as an individual, we can't imagine our lives without it. As an individual, the most important phase of our life is adolescence and adulthood. Major life decisions concerning studies, career, job, etc. are taken during this time. 

In India, the majority of the youth, once in their life have thought of appearing in the UPSC Exam. They have searched for the UPSC Eligibility, UPSC Exam Pattern, UPSC Exam Analysis, and everything related to the UPSC. In the UPSC journey, Current Affairs is man’s best friend and ally. Having mastered this, is half battle won! Youtube specifically is playing a prominent role at the forefront of education ever since learning went online. 

For UPSC Preparation, we have compiled some of the important and Best Youtube Channel For Daily Current Affairs for UPSC that will help the candidate in the long run.

BYJU’S Exam Prep

This is a one-stop destination for all Daily Current Affairs Video need. Other than Daily Current Affairs Videos, analyses of important topics, news articles, editorials, etc. are also put on the channel. The most amazing part is that all the content is free and is accessible to one and all. Live video lectures are released by the UPSC Exam faculty at regular intervals and explained in depth. Other than the UPSC, banking, UGC- NET and SSC Exams are also covered on the channel. It is by far the Best Youtube Channel For Daily Current Affairs for UPSC according to the content. 

Rajya Sabha TV

The Rajya Sabha TV Youtube channel is very informative and educational. The channel discusses the pressing issues of the day that covers diverse topics. The most famous RSTV debate programs are the ‘Big Picture’, ‘Policy Watch’ and ‘India’s World’, which are every UPSC aspirant’s favorite. The Big Picture is telecasted on weekdays on the RSTV Youtube channel and covers topics of national or international importance. Policy Watch is a weekly show on economic policies and India's World is also a weekly show, that covers world affairs and current affairs related to India. 

Lok Sabha TV

LSTV videos are the best in the domain of social issues. They publish videos on topics of social issues. Other than that LSTV also puts up various interviews of eminent personalities, UPSC Toppers, which can be useful for the candidate during the UPSC Interview.

The Hindu or The Indian Express

The Hindu or The Indian Express are the largest English newspapers in India. They are every UPSC aspirant's favorite. The Youtube channel of both the newspapers covers current affairs, politics, science, technology, entertainment, movies, and more. Other than this, commentary by seasoned and learned journalists on developments on the national and international fronts, relating to politics and policy is also put up on the channel.


The EPW or the Economic and Political Weekly is an Indian institution having a global reputation for excellence in independent scholarship and critical inquiry. EPW Youtube channels put up relevant information on current topics, but the only drawback is that the Youtube videos are not regular. 


Press Information Bureau is the official channel of the Nodal agency for communicating to the media on behalf of the Government of India. The news published on this channel is authentic and to the point.

BBC News

British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) is an international broadcaster in the field of News. Their Youtube channel covers current and contemporary world news.

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Current Affairs Video 2022-23

The Current Affairs Videos are important. Specifically for UPSC Exam, it is advised that a candidate should cover 1-1.5 years of current affairs. For example, if a candidate is appearing for UPSC 2023 Exam, he/she should cover the Current Affairs Video from January 2022 to January 2023. Current Affairs Video 2023 should be emphasized more.


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FAQs about Best YouTube Channel for Current Affairs

  • The BYJU’S Exam Prep YouTube channel is one of the best IAS Exam prep channels offering free video content and daily updates. Other than this Big Picture, India's World, Desh Deshantar, and Sarokaar can also be referred to for Current Affairs Video 2022.

  • To cover Current Affairs Videos for UPSC, one must first be accustomed to the UPSC Syllabus so that they know which news is important and which is not. The Current Affairs Videos for UPSC are both static and dynamic in nature.

  • The Current Affairs Video 2022 includes topics on current affairs, politics, science, technology, entertainment, movies, and more. These can be on iRAD project, Global Assessment Report 2022, Digital India RISC-V (DIR-V) program, Kwar Hydro-electric project, Unnat Bharat Abhiyan 2.0, Kurils Island Dispute, etc. to name a few.

  • Diplomatically yes. With the advent of technology, everything is available with a click. Be it the static part of the UPSC Syllabus or the dynamic portion, every topic, and relevant information is available on Youtube. Talking about Current Affairs Video, one can clear UPSC by watching the Daily Current Affairs Video and staying updated on the same. Though reading newspapers is always suggested, covering the daily news through watching Current Affairs Video can also work in preparation.

  • BYJU’S Exam Prep Current Affairs Video is India’s largest competitive exam preparation Youtube channel. BYJU’S Exam Prep publishes videos on topic-wise questions, discussions on key issues, and exam-related tips & tricks. Another benefit of watching BYJU’S Exam Prep Current Affairs Video is that through their videos, they make you practice mock questions, and UPSC Previous Year’s Questions, and provide the authentic UPSC Answer Key. The channels also help to cover the CSAT Syllabus of the UPSC Exam, which covers Quantitative Aptitude, Maths, Logical reasoning and analytical ability, English Reasoning, etc.

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