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 Mission Karmayogi

Reforms in Civil Services: Mission Karmayogi is a National Programme for Civil Services Capacity Building (NPCSCB). Here, the word “Karmayogi” comes from Bhagwat Gita, which means, “A type of person who does good to the whole world selflessly”. 

Implemented by: Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions.

Duration: Sep 2020-21 to 2024-25

Emphasis on: 

  • Capacity- Building in bureaucracy by institutions and process reforms.
  • Build a future-ready civil servant.
  • Skill-based; knowledge-based with having the right attitude to work.

Following are the key focused areas of problems to introduced Mission Karmayogi:

  • No proper platform to educated right or to exchange knowledge.
  • Plagiarism or duplication of efforts.
  • Diverse and fragmented training of human resource.
  • No continuity in learning.
  • Lack of integrity of departments.

 Intensify / Core Guiding Principles: 

  • Rule-Based to Role-based HR Management.
  • Emphasis on the role of on-site learning in complementing off-site learning.
  • Linking training and development of competencies of civil servants.
  • Transforming training institutions into centres of excellence.
  • Direct invest and co-create a common learning eco-system.
  • Focus on massive scale training on e-learning.
  • FRACs approach (Framework of Roles, Activities and Competencies) 


  • It covers 46 lakh Central Government employees with an outlay of ₹510 crores for five years.

Institutional Structure for implementation of Mission Karmayogi:

  1. Prime Minister’s HR Council

A. Chair-Persons:

  • Hon’ble Prime Minister
  • Political leaders
  • Global Academicians
  • Philosophical leaders
  • Industry leaders
  • Civil servant leaders

B. Major works to do:

  • Approves and monitor
  • Review Reports
  • Providing Strategic Directions
  • Apex Body Driving

2. Cabinet secretariate coordination Unit to co-ordinate with Council.

3. Capacity Building Commission

  1. Major Role:
  • Build a proper structure/Plan.
  • Set Norms and Standards.
  • Create Shared learning resources.
  • Data Analysis of iGOT-Karmayogi 

4. Special Purpose Vehicle

A. Structure:

  • A type of registered company under the company act 2013.
  • 100% owned by the government.
  • Board of directors.
  • An annual subscription fee of INR 431 per employee.

B. Functions:

  • Operate the online platforms, like iGOT
  • Operations on eco-system.
  • Assessment and provide certifications.
  • Deliver programme. Marketing and data analysis for capacity building.


IGOT (Integrated government online training) Karmayogi platform is a digital learning framework for local problems and global solution.

  • This platform helps to train 2.5crores civil servants anytime and anywhere.
  • Recently iGOT portal launch to train doctors, health care workers to combat Covid-19.



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