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Current Affairs MCQs 31 May 23

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Question 1

The venue of the Global Wealth Conference in 2023 is which of the following cities?

Question 2

A tick-borne virus called Powassan virus has claimed its first victim in which of the following countries?

Question 3

According to the report Joint Malnutrition Estimates released by UNICEF, WHO and World Bank in 2023, which of the statements given below is/ are correct?

1). India’s share of the global burden of fewer stunting children in 2022 is 30%.

2). India recorded a little growth in the ratio of fewer stunting children as compared to the last decade.

Select the correct answer from the codes given below:

Question 4

The Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports is presenting Khelo India University Games (KIUG) winners with ‘One District One Product’ gifts. The embossed cups being presented from Uttar Pradesh are product of which of the following places?

Question 5

An Interpretation Centre has been developed in the Sainj valley of the Great Himalayan National Park (GHNP) at Sainj Ropa. The Sainj valley is situated in which of the following states?
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