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Current Affairs MCQs 28 Jan 23

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Question 1

Which of the following is the strongest brand in India according to the report titled 'Global 500 - 2023' published by Brand Finance?

Question 2

Who among the following is at the top among Indians in the Brand Guardianship Index (BGI) 2023?

Question 3

Which operation did the BSF conduct to enhance security along the India-Pakistan border in Gujarat and Rajasthan ahead of Republic Day 2023?

Question 4

Consider the following statements on the DGsP/IGsP Conference – 2022:

1) Union Home Minister Amit Shah awarded the Aska Police Station of Ganjam, district of Odisha as the number one police station in the country.

2) The judgment is done based on 165 different parameters including crime rate, investigation, disposal of cases, infrastructure, and delivery of public service.

Which of the statements given above is/are correct?

Question 5

National Voter Day 2023 was celebrated in India on which of the following dates?
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