How to Prepare for CSIR NET JRF Exam Without Coaching

By Renuka Miglani|Updated : May 28th, 2021

Hello Aspirants, hope you all are doing great. Whenever you start working on a new project, you face many resistances. But just remember one thing " The key to success is to focus on goals, not on the obstacle".

Hello Aspirants, hope you all are doing great. Whenever you start working on a new project, you face many resistances. But just remember one thing " The key to success is to focus on goals, not on the obstacle".

This saying is hundred percent true when we talk about the starting of preparation for a very challenging national level exam like CSIR NET JRF. Every year a number of students appear in this exam and very few get selected. The competition for the CSIR UGC NET JRF has increased manifold in the last few years. This provided a way for coaching institutions to spread their roots. There are a number of coaching institutes running throughout the country for the preparation of CSIR NET JRF.

But taking coaching is necessary to qualify for this exam? Is it so??

The answer is no.

By seeing a lot of competition and breakdowns, we generally set our minds that by taking coaching we can qualify for this exam. But this is wrong, coaching is never the assurance of your success. It is a common myth among the candidates that coaching is necessary to qualify for this examination. Because it completely depends on you that what you are and where you want to go. Even an average student can manage to qualify it if put proper efforts in the right direction.

You can surely clear NET-JRF 2021 without taking the coaching. It does not matter that you are preparing from coaching or without coaching, all it matters is your hard work, dedication, and the structure of your preparation strategy. To qualify for this exam, all you need is to have good planning and proper execution. Here in this ongoing article, we will tell you some important strategy tips which can help you to qualify CSIR-UGC NET JRF 2021 Exam without taking any coaching.

1. The Right Time to Start Preparation

  • One frequently asked question is 'what would be the right time to start preparing for CSIR-UGC NET JRF?'
  • If we talk about the right time then it can be said that the "Right time to do anything is when you are sure about it and want to do it." It is never too late to achieve your goals. But ideally speaking, for a technical exam like CSIR-UGC NET, it is advisable to start preparing from your college days i.e, graduation or post-graduation. In this time period, most of us set our priorities. And because you have ample time for preparation, you can efficiently go through the good reference books and can practice as much as you want.

2. Review the Complete Syllabus

  • The very first step towards starting the preparation for CSIR-UGC NET JRF 2021 is the analysis of the syllabus. When you decide to appear in CSIR-UGC NET, take a look at the syllabus. List out the topics from where questions are normally reframed. Having an idea of the syllabus will help you to make a selection of the topics which you should cover and which you can skip for later study. Pin your syllabus to your study table, it may help you to save your time.


3. Choose an Appropriate Study Material

  • Preparing for CSIR-UGC NET is not an easy task and it is a very important decision for your career. When we talk about the study material you will find there are countless books are available. But to choose the appropriate and standard study material is much important.
  • Going through the different standard books during preparation and choose those which you can easily understand. Because CSIR NET demands the clarity and deep understanding of concepts.
  • Standard books are also important because sometimes the questions asked in the exam are directly from them. So this will help you to score good marks.
  • In addition, you can take help from the internet to clear your concepts. Some video lectures and animated videos are also available on the internet which can be helpful in building your concepts.
  • Always try to remain in touch with the research articles as many of the questions are framed from them too.

4. Analyze the Exam Pattern

  • This is a very important point. You should have a proper idea about the CISR NET paper pattern of an exam in which you are going to appear. CSIR UGC NET exam paper consists of three parts with various negative marking patterns according to a different subject.
  • Have a look at the previous year's papers. It will give you an immense idea about the pattern of the paper and the areas from where questions are frequently asked.

5. Make the Study Plan

  • It is better to plan half an hour before an efficient study for six hours rather than to study twelve hours a day with zero planning. When you identify your weak and strong areas, it will be easy to work upon them and improve them.

6. Prepare your Own Notes

  • For last-minute revision, nothing is better than your self-made notes. While studying try to prepare your own notes. As the notes are concise and in your own words, they are easy to learn by heart. At the last moment study, you don't have enough time to going through the reference books. At this time this concise material will be proven effective.

7. Time Management

  • Time management is an important part to win this game of CSIR-UGC NET 2021. The more you spend, the more you gain. Study as much as you can. But don't count the hours. Go for smart study.
  • Decide some hours to cover new topics every day according to your potential. After clearing a concept, try to do the previous year's questions for the topic.
  • Divide hours for new content reading, revision, and practicing questions as per your requirement.
  • In addition to that, time management during the exam is also very crucial. Give the required time to each section and try to maintain the speed. It is seen that sometimes even after knowing the answers, candidates are unable to answer because of the lack of time. This problem can only be removed by properly managing time.

8. Proper Revision

  • A very strong, planned, and strict revision plan should be followed and maintain throughout the preparation phase. It must be kept in mind that revision is the key to get success in this examination.

9. Practice Papers

  • This is the final stroke of your preparation strategy. Solve the practice papers in time duration of three hours.
  • If possible join any online mock test series just before two to three months of the exam. While performing in these practice sets you are going to aware of your silly mistakes. Work on these mistakes and it will help to improve your concepts before the actual exam.
  • In this way, you will better adapt yourself to tackle the exam pressure. Practicing a lot of papers will boost up your confidence. And if you have already practiced three hours of exam many times before the main exam, it may help you in the exam center.

10. Positive Attitude:

  • Above all that matters is your mental strength. Having a positive attitude towards your work spreads positive vibes. It will be very helpful to maintain your confidence and make you energetic.
  • Keep the patience and be determined to your target.

Note:- While facing the actual exam, try to keep calm and stay confident.

Be focused on your target. All the very best.

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