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CSIR NET Part A || (Distance and Direction) Quiz (03.10.2022)

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Question 1

A man moves towards the east and then takes a left turn. After covering some distance in that direction, he takes a right turn and finally, takes another right turn. Which direction is the man facing now?

Question 2

Two ladies, P and Q, start their scooters from the same place. P rides 8 km North, then turns West and rides 6 km, then turns to her right and rides 4 km. Q rides 10 km West, then turns to her right and rides 12 km. Where is Q with respect to P now?

Question 3

 Ram and Shyam started from a fixed place. Ram moves 3 km to the North and turns right, then walks 4 km. Shyam moves towards West and walks 5 km, then turns to right and walks 3 km. How far Ram is from Shyam?

Question 4

A man travels 25 km towards the west and then turns 90 ° to his left and travels another 4 km. Finally, he turns left and covers 25 km. In which direction is he now from his original position?

Question 5

Q walked 20m towards west, took a left turn and walked 20m. He then took a right turn and walked 20m and again took a right turn and walked 20m. How far is Q now from the starting point?

Question 6

Preetam cycles 6 km towards the south direction. He turns right to move 8 km, and again turns towards the northeast to move 10 km. From there, he moves 15 km on the left. How far is he from his original position?

Question 7

One morning Meena started walking towards the Sun. After walking a while she turned towards her left, walked some distance and again turned towards her left. After walking a while, she turned left. In which direction is she facing now?

Question 8

Amit is facing north. He turns 90 ° right and walks for 50 m, then turn towards the south and walks 50 m, then turns right to walk for another 50 m and from there, he walks 50 m towards north. In which direction/position is he from his original position?

Question 9

At a birthday party, 5 friends are sitting in a row. ‘M’ is to the left of ‘O’ and to the right of ‘P’. ‘S’ is sitting to the right of ‘T’ and to the left of ‘P’. Who is sitting in the Middle?

Question 10

A student walked out from the Classroom towards the Library. She went first to the Canteen on the left side, 24 ft away. After a cup of ten, took a right turn and went to the Laboratory 13 ft away. She then went to the Physics Block, 15 ft to the left. She talked to a friend, in the garden 3 ft. on the left and continued walking in the same direction to the Library, 10 ft more. What was the actual distance between the Library and the Classroom?
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