CSIR NET Memory Based Question 2022 (29 Jan): Questions Asked, Download PDF!

By Renuka Miglani|Updated : January 30th, 2022

CSIR NET Memory Based Questions Asked 2022 (29 January, Shift 2): The first day of the CSIR NET June 2021-22 exam ended with the successful completion of shift 2 on 29 January 2022 and we are here with all the questions of Part A, i.e., General Aptitude asked in the 29th January Shift 2 today. The CSIR NET exam second phase will be conducted from February 15, 2022, to February 17, 2022, in 2 shifts daily.

We have previously provided a comprehensive exam analysis of the CSIR NET Part A exam of 29 January Shift 2 in which we have shared section-wise analysis and a good number of attempts and difficulty level of CSIR NET June 2021. In this article, we are sharing Questions asked in Part A i.e., General Aptitude. Students can download the PDF of all questions from the link given below. 

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CSIR NET Physical Science Exam Analysis 2022: Key Highlights 

  • There was only one shift on 29th January 2022 that is, the second shift which was conducted from 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM.
  • There were a total of 150 questions in today's paper, the difficulty level for was in the range of Moderate to Difficult.
  • However, the reasoning section was Easy and as expected Quantitative Aptitude section was conceptual and time-consuming.
  • Most of the questions came from the Numerical Ability section. 

Check Detailed CSIR NET June 2021 Exam Analysis

Question Asked in CSIR NET June 2021: General Aptitude - Quantitative Aptitude 

S.No. QuestionsTopic
1.The average height of students in a class is 160 cm. The average height of boys is 165 cm and that of girls is 150 cm. Find the ratio of girls to boys.

Average + Aligation


The probability of a question attending is  1/2 then what is the probability of a question not attended by a set of 5 questions?


A rank is double of “B”, triple of “C”, 7 times of “D” with the total class of  83, then the sum of ABCD ranks is ? 


A circle is inscribed in an equilateral triangle whose height is 𝟑√𝟑 cm. Then, find the ratio of the area of an equilateral triangle to the area of the circle inscribed in an equilateral triangle.


In a room, there are 3 fathers and 6 son. If everyone’s father-son is present.

Then find the minimum number of people present in the room. 

6.Find the last digit of expression (489)86 - (351)63.

Number System

Question Asked in CSIR NET 2022: General Aptitude - Reasoning 

S.No.Questions Topic

In players of 2000, 500 play football, 300  play cricket, 200 play both, Then numbers of players who don't play cricket or football? 

Venn Diagram
2.Vein diagram of vegetables, fruits, roots.  Venn Diagram
3.If today is Thursday after 59 days it will be? Clock & Calender
4.How many types of the number of Atm pin of 4 digits, right to left, left to right are the same can be written?

Permutation & Combination

Question Asked in CSIR NET June: General Aptitude - General Science


Sun is at 45 degrees, the shadow of the wall is rectangular, which depends on? 


Download PDF of Questions Asked on 29 January Shift 2 of CSIR NET June 2021 Exam

Download PDF in English

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  • According to the candidates who applied for CSIR NET 2021-22 examination, the question paper was ranged from moderate to difficult level. The candidates should clear their concepts about every topic to not get confused while giving the exam.

  • According to the candidates who applied for the CSIR NET 2021-21 examination, the reasoning questions were easier and expected however the quantitative aptitude section was time-consuming.

  • The candidates who applied for the CSIR NET 2021-22 has stated that it is very important to have a clear conceptual knowledge regarding the topics. A proper time management strategy is a must to attempt all the questions on time.

  • According to the candidates who applied for the CSIR NET 2021-22 examination, time management is an important factor to be able to understand and attempt all of the questions within the given time limit.

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