Wanted A Good Rank in Upcoming CSIR-NET 2022 Exam? - Know 10 Proven Tips to Crack It!

By Renuka Miglani|Updated : January 5th, 2022

Top 10 proven Tricks to Crack CSIR-NET 2022 ExamCSIR-NET (Council of Scientific and Industrial Research University Grants Commission National Eligibility Test) 2022 Exam is a gateway for all aspiring candidates to be eligible for Lectureship and for the award of Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) in the Science stream in Indian university or institutes/colleges. The subjects which come under this exam are Physical, Chemical, Mathematical, Earth, Life Sciences, etc. Almost less than 1 month is left to go for CSIR-NET 2022, Here we have come up with 10 proven tips that will help you to secure a good rank!!

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CSIR NET exam is quite difficult to clear, especially when it's your first attempt. In order to crack CSIR NET in the first attempt, aspirants need to prepare themselves systematically, effectively, and smartly. This article describes the aforementioned 10 proven CSIR NET preparation tips in the first trial. All easy tips and strategies are delineated as well for beginners. The upcoming CSIR NET exam which is re-scheduled to be held in July 2021 has very little time. Use all your strength and hard work to reach the final target with flying colours.

10 Proven Tricks to Crack CSIR-NET 2022 Exam

Students preparing for CSIR-NET 2021 exam must follow the under-mentioned tips in order to clear this exam, these tips will be helpful for beginners as well:

Know the Exam Pattern :

  • The CSIR-NET Exam is a single paper online examination of three hours, with more than 120 questions, depending on the subject you have chosen which carries a total of 200 marks.
  • The question paper will consist of multiple-choice questions and is divided into 3 sections - A, B, and C. Each part contains a different number of questions. The total number of questions that a candidate needs to attempt in the exam also differs as per the subject chosen by the candidate.

Check Exam Pattern of CSIR-NET 2022 Here

Follow the CSIR-NET Syllabus : 

  • During your CSIR-NET preparation, aim to complete the syllabus given on the official website here rather than studying out of syllabus topics.
  • Since there are many subjects included in the syllabus, it is important that you should make a diligent study plan to cover each and every topic of the syllabus before time.

Check Syllabus of CSIR-NET 2022 Here

Refer to Good Reference Books : 

  • There аre соuntless bооks аvаilаble in the mаrket fоr СSIR-NET рreраrаtiоn, yоu need tо reseаrсh аnd then buy sоme gооd bооks tо stаrt yоur рreраrаtiоn.
  • Reading one particular book may not cover the complete syllabus. In such a scenario you must ensure that you are not relying on few books completely. To avoid this, it is a good practice to actively engage yourself through some online platforms that provide resources for study material for your practice.

CSIR-NET 2022: Check Best Reference Books for Life Science

CSIR-NET 2022: Check Best Reference Books for Chemical Science

Understand the Fundamentals and Routinely Practice Quizzes/Test Series: 

  • Initially, focus on understanding the difficult concepts/topics and later focus on mastering each topic by practising the tests.
  • For this purpose, you must aim at solving as many problems/quizzes/CSIR-NET Test Series 2021 as on a regular basis and improve accuracy and performance in each test.

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Make Short Notes:

  • You need to get into the practice of making your own notes from the beginning. This will prove to be very beneficial during your revision because all the important things will be in one place.
  • This habit will help students to grasp relevant information as quickly as possible. Make sure that your short notes may cover the important pointers that need to be revised at the final moment.

CSIR-NET 2022: Short Notes for Life Science

CSIR-NET 2022: Short Notes for Chemical Science

Recall All Concepts and Methods : 

  • After the preparation of the complete syllabus, spend one month before the exam to recall all important topics, formulas, methods, and examples.
  • Remember the definitions, important points, theories, and formulas during the revision.
  • Always remember to clear your basic concepts on time, it will help you to crack even tough questions.

Test Your Abilities : 

  • In order to maximize your chances to get a good rank, you need to minimize the time that you spend on reading, understanding, and solving each question in the exam.
  • Many CSIR-NET questions can be answered with reading and understanding. So the final goal is to improve your time to solve each question so that there will not a shortage of time at the last moment. 

Positive Approach :

  • Having a positive approach towards your study is of utmost importance. One should never give up, no matter what had happened in the past year, try to learn from the past and implement those learnings in the present to make your future best.
  • Negative thoughts that may come during the preparation often tend to distract your mind. So, have faith in yourselves and work towards your goal to achieve it with a positive attitude.

Take Short Breaks :

  • Don’t just stick to books for continuous 5-6 hours. Try to get involved yourself in different activities like talking to your parents, siblings, etc that will keep you energetic and stress-free. Never isolate yourself from family and friends as they can be helpful throughout your preparation.
  • Stay relaxed, take a proper diet, and study well with proper dedication.

Devise Your Own Strategy :

  • Every individual is way different. A single strategy cannot work for all individuals and no one else can frame your preparation strategy except you.
  • People can guide you, can give you tips & tricks, but you need to scratch your mind and add something of your own to the guidelines to devise the best strategy which will work best for you.

Hope the above article was helpful for you. Let me know your feedback in the comments section below!!!

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  • CSIR NET 2021 exam is scheduled to be conducted in June 2021 but as per the latest tweet by CSIR-HRDG authorities it is rescheduled to be conducted in mid-July due to the Covid-19 pandemic in the country.

  • CSIR NET exam question paper contains multiple-choice questions (MCQs) of 200 marks. The question paper is divided into three sections – A, B, and C. Each part contains a different number of questions.

  • The minimum benсhmаrk tо quаlify СSIR NET exаm is 33% fоr the Generаl, EWS, аnd ОBС саtegоries аnd 25% fоr SС, ST, аnd РwD саndidаtes. СSIR UGС NET hаs 3 раrts – Раrt-А, Раrt-B, аnd Раrt-С. Hоwever, there аre nо seсtiоnаl сutоffs, mаrks оbtаined in аll the раrts аre tаken tоgether while deсiding the сutоff.

  • Unless you have a proper preparation strategy, it is tough to qualify CSIR NET exam. As per the statistics, most of the students who qualify for the CSIR NET exam acquired the notes-making strategy, wherein the students prepare their own notes to understand the subject better.

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