CSIR NET Exam Gets Postponed: Know 10 Tips to Use The Extra Time Effectively!!

By Neetesh Tiwari|Updated : September 2nd, 2021

CSIR NET Exam Gets Postponed, Know 10 Tips to Use The Extra Time Effectively: We all know that the CSIR NET 2021 exam has been postponed by the National Testing Agency (NTA), and it is unlikely that they will release the notification very soon. This is the time where we can get more benefits out of it. Some students got demotivated after hearing this news, but it can be beneficial for the students who did not prepare well for the CSIR NET 2021 exam. If you think about the benefits of this, you will find several points by which you can also increase your chances to crack the CSIR NET. 

Now, before you begin, there is one thing you need to understand. Exams postponement doesn't mean there will never be exams, so don't make the mistake of relaxing and taking things for granted; instead, follow the 10 tips to get the most out of this.

Now, one question may arise in everyone's mind: how does postponing any exam benefit the aspirants? Do not worry; we will discuss the top 10 tips to utilise this time effectively. Read the full article to know the top 10 tips to boost your preparation.

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Whenever the exam gets postponed, students feel worried about their career and start getting nervous, but worry about anything will worsen rather than solve it. You can't do anything about the past action, but you can do better in your future for sure. So let's check the top 10 tips to use this time more effectively to prepare for the CSIR NET 2021 exam.

10 Things One Must Do When CSIR NET Exam Gets Postponed

1. Revise or Restructure your Plan:

Initially, you planned according to the exam date and prepared accordingly, but now the exam is postponed. Assume that your exam gets postponed for 1 month. It means you will have 30 more days to prepare for the same exam, so revise your plan add these 30 days. Sometimes due to lack of time, students skip the practice part and attempt the main exam without practice, and after the exam, the student feels that if they got some more time, they could do better in that exam. But you do have to think this, congrats you have 30 more days to revise and practice the important concepts and questions. You can focus more on the tough chapters during this time period. 

2. Find a unique or Creative Way for Revision:

Until this time, you were following the common and used method to revise the concepts due to the lack of time, but now you got extra time to use it in finding creative or unique ways to revise the concepts. You can make short notes, Flashcards, mind maps and flowcharts to revise the concepts interestingly. Write important formulas in one place to revise them at the last moment. You can also use this time for discussing important concepts with your friends. You can grasp the concept very fast by listening to them rather than just reading it.

3. Segregation of Topics/Units:

While starting your preparation, always try to divide your topics or units based on toughness. You can divide them in 3 ways:

1. Topics that interest you + very important 

2. Topics that are important but you have less interest.

3. Topics that are not so important.

Now, you got extra time for the preparation to focus on the 2nd type of topic. By focusing on these topics, the chances of improving our final score will increase. Try to find some unique or interesting way to prepare these topics in which you are less interested so that you can cover them before the main exam.

4. Focus on Part A - General Aptitude Preparation:

This is a perfect opportunity for you to focus on preparing Part A - General Aptitude. Many students skip this part, and it is an essential and scoring part in the CSIR NET exam. Questions asked from this part are very simple, and by giving some attention, we can score high in our main exam. It will also help you in diverting your mind from the usual subject related topics. Part A will cover questions related to Quant and Reasoning, and practising these questions will help you increase your confidence.

5. Read Motivational/Research Articles to Boost Your Moral:

During this extra time period, you can try some research articles that will help you build your concepts. You can also focus on motivational articles that will help you increase positivity in your mind, and you can focus more on your exam rather than thinking about other things. Finally, read some articles of science direct, NCBS and Gradeup to increase your General Knowledge.

6. Find a Study Buddy:

At this point, anxiety becomes your biggest enemy. To overcome this, find someone who is going through the same thing. Connect with your online friends who you think can help you to overcome your anxiety. Play games, refresh your mind, create games that help you review and set goals. Discuss your thoughts and the things that are going through your mind. Spending time with your friends will refresh you and give you energy when you sit down to study. Discuss important topics with friends, and it will help you in covering the important concepts effectively. 

7. Spend this Time to do Career Research:

Once the exams are over, you find yourself in a different field and wasting your time figuring out what career you want to build and what lab or field you want to enter. Knowing that your exams have been postponed gives you more time to prepare your mind when choosing which field to enrol in. Use this time to research what type of lab you want to enter and what area to further research. Read the article section of Gradeup to learn more about the career opportunities after qualifying for the CSIR NET Exam.

8. Give some time to Meditate and for Mental and Physical Fitness:

Meditation is a wonderful and powerful weapon; it gives you the superpower to control your thoughts and to divert your mental energies in the right direction. You have to understand that with physical form, mental form is essential. Meditation will bring you many positive thoughts and increase your power of concentration, which is very important at this time. At the same time, fitness is the need of the moment; As a biology student, you don't have to fall into obesity and lifestyle-related diseases in the future, so it's a habit to get 1 hour of exercise a day and at the same time less than 5 minutes of meditation to improve the quality of your thoughts, decisions, work and actions.

9. Try to Devote some time to Reading Good Books:

Now the books I'm about to recommend aren't your textbooks, but excellent self-help books that have helped me tremendously - they are

  • Atomic Habits by James Clear
  • Take the time of Jake Knapp John Zeratsky
  • Ikigai by Héctor García, Francesc Miralles.

Read these books, and you will find that they have transformed you from student to world-class professional. Moreover, they will help you motivate yourself, and it is very required during the exam preparation.

10. Try some new Certification Courses:

If exams are postponed, that doesn't mean you'll leave a gap in your CV; You must have done something useful during this time that adds value to your career. You can go for some certification courses that will help you learn some new skills, and you can add these skills to your resume to get better opportunities in the future.

So, this was all about the top 10 tips that you must follow to effectively use the time when the CSIR NET exam gets postponed. We hope you will like this.

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