CSIR NET Chemical Science 2021: List of Top Reference Books!

By Neetesh Tiwari|Updated : June 2nd, 2021

CSIR NET Best Books for Chemical Science: Today it became very easy for us to get the study material for the exam preparation from the market freely and everything is available everywhere but this is creating chaos in mind that which study material is good or which one is suitable from the exam point of view, which book will cover the whole syllabus and which one is best for the fast track preparation. The student is running after every source which is available and it is stopping them from taking their dream job.

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Here we will guide you and will recommend top reference CSIR NET Chemical Science books that will help you during the preparation. Candidates preparing for the CSIR NET Exam 2021 with Chemical Science Subjects must look at the list of books mentioned below. The chemical science section of the CSIR NET Exam includes topics from Physical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry and Interdisciplinary topics

Best Books for CSIR NET Chemical Science 2021

If you didn't select the study material for the preparation yet then before starting the preparation selection of the best CSIR NET Chemical Science Books and study material should be a goal. Once you will finalize the best material for the preparation then you should be able to concentrate on your study. Best Material will help you to Ace the CSIR NET 2021 which will be conducted by NTA (Nation Testing Agency) for providing the Junior Research Fellowship and Lectureship in various prestigious Colleges.

This article will help you to choose the top reference books for CSIR NET Chemical Science 2021. These books will help you to build a strong base in Chemical Science. 

Check CSIR NET Chemical Science Syllabus 2021

How to Choose the Best Material and Books for CSIR NET Chemical Science

While selecting the books, please keep in mind the following points which are mentioned below:

  • Always select the latest edition of the book. It will give you the updated information about the syllabus. Always check the publication year and edition of the book.
  • Always go for renowned publications so that you will not be misled regarding the content.
  • Select books which contain the previous year's questions or extra questions for practise because practice makes a man perfect.
  • Always compare the different sources and select the best material which will be according to the CSIR UGC NET Syllabus.
  • Go for the books which will help you to understand the concepts clearly and easily.

Reference Books for CSIR NET Chemical Science

Without knowing the renowned source, if you purchase books then it might be paid too much. To help you in selecting the best books for chemical Science, we have listed down some renowned authors/publications books. 

Books for Chemical ScienceAuthors/Publications
CSIR-UGC NET/JRF/SET Chemical SciencesDr. Hemant Kulshrestha, Prof. Ajay Taneja
Inorganic ChemistryDr. T. J. Patil
Physical And Inorganic ChemistryDr. C. M. Bhavsar, Dr. T. J. Patil
Physical ChemistryThomas Engel & Philip Reid
Concise Inorganic ChemistryJ. D. Lee
Fundamentals of Molecular SpectroscopyColin N. Banwell
Quantum Chemistry through Problems and SolutionsR.K. Prasad
Instrumental MethodSkoog, Holler & Crouch
Advanced Organic ChemistryJohn Wiley and Sons
Stereochemistry of Organic CompoundsErnest L. Eliel, Samuel H. Wilen
Trueman's UGC-CSIR JRF / NET Chemical SciencesM Gagan
Inorganic Chemistry: Principles of Structure and ReactivityJames E Huheey, Ellen A Keiter, Richard L Keiter, Okhil K Medhi
Molecular Quantum MechanicsPeter W Atkins, Ronald S Friedman
Joint CSIR/UGC/NET Chemical Sciences Part- B & CR Gupta
March’s Advanced Organic Chemistry: Reactions, Mechanisms & StructureMichael B Smith
An Introduction to ElectrochemistrySamuel Glasstone

Preparation Strategy for CSIR NET Chemical Science 2021 Exam

Here are some tips which will help you to prepare well for the CSIR NET Chemical Science 2021 Exam. Read these carefully and try to understand each and every point.

  • Collecting Crucial Resources: The first and foremost step for the preparation is that we should collect relevant or crucial resources for the preparation. Without this, we cannot prepare well for the exam. We have mentioned some best books above for your references.
  • Lay a Time Table: Syllabus for CSIR NET Chemical Science is vast and without any solid strategy we cannot ace the exam. So it is very important to make a timetable or strategy to cover the full syllabus within the time period with proper revision as revision plays an important role.
  • Make Short Notes: Try to make short notes during the preparation. It will help you at the last moment for the revision part. If you will take the whole syllabus again in the last few days then it will become very difficult to revise the syllabus properly.
  • Solve Previous Year's Questions: Solve previous year's questions more and more. It will help you clear the picture that which type of questions will be asked in the exam. It will save you time while covering the syllabus as it will give you a brief idea about the marking scheme from different topics. As soon as you complete any chapter, open the previous year's questions of that chapter and attempt.

We've tried to cover all the important information regarding your CSIR NET Chemical Science Exam with the help of this blog. Still, if you face any doubt or query, please feel free to ask in the comment box below. Do like and share this blog.

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