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CSIR NET 2022 | Life Science: Molecules and their interactions relevant to Biology | 3 October

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Question 1

Dissimilatory sulfate reducing bacteria utilizes:

Question 2

Of the six curves labeled in the Lineweaver-Burk graph below, three represent the effects of 0 mM, 5 mM, and 15 mM of a competitive inhibitor on a hypothetical enzyme.

Which of the curves most likely represents the 5-mM concentration of the competitive inhibitor?

Question 3

Chilarity of DNA is due to -

Question 4

The Vmax of a reaction is 2.5 and turnover of the reaction is 50. What is the total enzyme concentration of the reaction?

Question 5

The rate of the reaction can be expressed in terms of rate of appearance of product and disappearance of reactant and are expressed as

Rate= -∆ [A]/ ∆t =-∆ [B]/ ∆t= ∆ [P]/ ∆t

What does the negative signs with A and B represents

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