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CSIR NET 2022 | Chemical Science | Solutions | (1 October 2022)

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Question 1

At 80°C, the vapour pressure for pure liquid ‘A’ is 280 mm Hg and for pure liquid 'B', vapour pressure is 1000 mm Hg. If mixture of 'A' and 'B' boils at 80°C and 1 atm pressure, calculate the amount of 'A' in the mixture.

Question 2

On dissolving 15 g of naphthoic acid (C11H8O2 in 50 g of benzene (Kf = 1. 72 Kg mol–1), a depression in freezing point of 2K is observed. Calculate the Van't Hoff factor (i) .

Question 3

For a pure solvent, the vapour pressure is 0.8 atm. A non-volatile substance B is added to the solvent due to which its vapour pressure drops to 0.6 atm. Calculate the mole fraction of the component B in the solution.

Question 4

When the addition of sugar takes place, the sugar solution feels cool. Select the suitable condition for rapid dissolution.

Question 5

For calcium nitrate, the values of observed and calculated molecular weight are 65.6 and 164 respectively.  Calculate its degree of dissociation.
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