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CSAT Quiz: SI & CI

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Question 1

A sum is being lent at 15% p.a. compound interest. What is the ratio of amount of 4th year to 5th year?

Question 2

The simple interest accrued in 5 years on a principal of Rs. 24,000 is one-fifth the principal. What is the rate of simple interest p.c.p.a.?

Question 3

If the compound interest on an amount of Rs. 12500 in two years is Rs. 1545, what is the rate of interest?

Question 4

If the simple interest on a particular sum for 16 months at 12% p.a exceeds the simple interest on the same sum for 6 months at 10% p.a by Rs.352 , the sum is :

Question 5

The compound interest on a certain sum for 2 year is Rs. 210 and simple interest is Rs. 200. What will be the compound interest on same amount at same rate of interest for 4 years?
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