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CSAT Quiz: Problems on Ages

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Question 1

The difference between the present ages of Arun and Deepak is 14 years. Seven years ago the ratio of their ages was 5:7 respectively. What is Deepak’s present age?

Question 2

Ratio of present age of Roman and Calibri is 5 : 7 and Calibri and Arial is 2 : 1. After 12 years, the ratio of their age becomes 16 : 20 : 13. What was their average age of 5 years ago?

Question 3

The sum of the present ages of Ram, Shyam and Vijay is 72 years. Also the sum of present ages of Ram and Shyam is 42 years. What is the present age of Vijay?

Question 4

Ravi is older than Simar by 4 years. Four years from now, the respective ratio between Ravi's age and Simar’s age will be 9 : 8. What was the Ravi’s age 15 years ago? (in years)

Question 5

Sixteen years earlier the age of father was four times the age of son. After 16 years from now the ratio of father’s age and son’s age is 12 : 7. What is sum of their present age?
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