Crowning of the Pulley is done to

By Mandeep Kumar|Updated : July 26th, 2022

The rim of a pulley is slightly rounded and this rounded pulley is called crowning. The crowning is done to eliminate the slipping of the belt when the pulley rotates. It is because the belt has a tendency to move to the farthest distance from the pulley axis due to centrifugal force.

Answer: The crowning of the pulley is done to prevent the slipping off the belt from the pulley.

An instrument of wheel-like structure that carries a flexible rope, cord, cable, chain or belt on its rim is called a Pulley. It is used in the construction and transportation industry to transmit energy and motion. The belt drive uses only flat belts and is passed over the driven pulleys and driver. The belt is made by using any one of the following materials: Fabric, Balata, Rubber, Canvas, and Leather.

Pros of Flat Belt Drive

Following are the advantages of the flat belt drive:

  • It gives better performance at high speeds.

  • It is more economical to use.

  • It is simple, less expensive, flexible, and durable.

  • It is suitable for long-distance, etc.


Why is the Crowning of the Pulley done?

The crowning of the Pulley is done to eliminate the slipping off the belt from the pulley.

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