How to prepare Coordinate Geometry for JEE Advanced & Main

By Keshav Soni|Updated : November 4th, 2017

Now the peak time for the JEE has arrived and the best way to score maximum is to study smart. Smart study doesn’t mean leave a topic but to study that topic in a very precise manner. This article is about the important topics in the Coordinate Geometry. First of all, let me clear you Coordinate Geometry is one of the highest scoring topics in JEE mains and JEE advanced. This section mainly uncles 5 chapters namely straight line, circles, parabola, hyperbola and ellipse. Let us discuss each topic one by one.

Important Tips to cover 2-D Coordinate Geometry

Straight Line

(I) JEE Main- Straight lines is a basic introduction to the world of Coordinate Geometry and most of you might not have any problem in this chapter. The main key point of this chapter is to make use of all the forms of straight lines ie. Parametric form,slope form,etc. Condition for concurrence of 3 lines are some important topics for JEE mains

(ii) JEE Advanced- Most important part of this chapter is pair of straight line and general Coordinate Geometry as most of the questions asked are generally based on your geometric skills and speed, overall it is one of the easiest chapters in syllabus of jee mathematics


(I) JEE Main- the general requirements of this chapter is to know how to write the equation of a circle in different forms. Generally, in JEE Main, questions are asked from the topic tangent and normal. Memorising all the formulae will help you a lot.

(ii) JEE Advanced – questions from this chapter in JEE Advanced are a bit tricky as they use the concept of straight lines and circles together. Many questions are asked from the family of a circle and orthogonal circles, going thoroughly through the concept of radical axis would also help you. This chapter also requires good use of geometry


(I) JEE Main – each year one question is asked from this chapter in JEE Main. It is a very important topic and will help you to understand next two chapters. General questions are based on tangent and normal. Equation of tangent and normal should be memorised in all the forms including parametric form, point form and slope form. These formulae are must for this chapter.

(ii) JEE Advanced- this is the most important topic of Coordinate Geometry in JEE Advanced. Every year nearly two questions are asked from this chapter. These questions also require a good knowledge of straight lines and circles. Most questions are based on basic formulae along with a bit of complex geometry. So prepare this chapter well if you want to score good marks in JEE Advanced.


(I) JEE Main – Most of the question from this chapter is formula based. Try to remember all the formula and the formula for a rectangular hyperbola. It is comparatively easier than parabola as it has less no. of important topics

(ii) JEE Advanced- questions from this chapter are also geometry based and requires good geometric skills. Also, all the formula should be by heart as deriving them in exam time will waste a lot of time. Each year one question is asked from this chapter.


(i) JEE Main- Ellipse is the second most important chapter in Coordinate Geometry. Most of its formula is similar with hyperbola due to the similarities between the equation of ellipse and hyperbola. The topics of tangent and normal is again an important part.

(ii) JEE Advanced- This is a relatively easier chapter for JEE Advanced as many questions are formula based along with basic geometry. So scoring good in this chapter is not a hard.

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Nita Barad

Nita BaradNov 4, 2017

Sir..will u plz share some tips to cover trigonometry for mains as well as for trigonometry that i learning for jee is much more breath taking than +1 n +2..(m quite weak in this part)
Anshuman Mishra
Thankss sir I will sure work on it
Milan kumar

Milan kumarNov 15, 2017

Sir please make exactly the similar for vectors and 3D .ASAP
Naveen Jat

Naveen JatNov 15, 2017

Thanks you so much

JatinJan 19, 2018

parabola is also used under the topic area under the curves

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