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Convolution Achievers Quiz 2

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Question 1

If u(t), r(t) denote the unit step and unit ramp functions respectively and u(t)*r(t) their convolution, then the function [u(t +1)]*[r(t-2)] is given by

Question 2

Convolution of x(t+5) with impulse function  is equal to

Question 3

Two systems with impulse responses h1(t) and h2 (t) are connected in cascade. Then the overall impulse response of the cascaded system is given by

Question 4

The impulse response of a continuous time system is given by h(t) = δ(t-1) + δ(t-3). The value of the step response at t = 2 is

Question 5

The impulse response of an LTI system can be obtained by

Question 6

Given two continuous time signals x(t) = and y(t) = which exists for t>0, the convolution z(t) = x(t)*y(t) is

Question 7

Consider a system whose input x and output y are related by the equation

where h(t) is shown in the graph.

Which of the following four properties are possessed by the system?
BIBO: Bounded input gives a bounded output.
Causal: The system is causal.
LP: The system is low pass.
LTI: The system is linear and time-invariant.
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