Consider the following two statements on power-sharing and select the answer using the codes given below: A) Power-sharing is good for democracy. B) It helps to reduce the possibility of conflict between social groups. Which of these statements are true and false? (a) A is true but B is false (b) Both A and B are true (c) Both A and B are false (d) A is false but B is true

By Ritesh|Updated : September 5th, 2022

Option (b) Both A and B apply because the conflict possibility between social groups is reduced when the power is shared. It is an excellent way to provide stability to the political order because social conflict mainly leads to political violence and instability even when minorities are oppressed because of the tyranny of the majority, which brings ruin to the majority. The nation’s unity will be undermined if the will of the majority community is imposed on other minorities, even if it looks like a better choice in the short term.

Benefits of Energy Sharing

  • In Belgium, Belgian officials acknowledged the existence of cultural and regional differences. To ensure that unilateral decisions are not made by one community, some special laws require the support of a majority of members from each language group.
  • Many powers of the central government were transferred to the state governments of the country's two regions. To allow everyone to live together in the same country to work out an arrangement, the constitution was amended four times between 1970 and 1993.

An example showing the effects of insufficient power sharing:

  • The democratically elected government took several majoritarian measures to establish Sinhalese supremacy. Based on the majority of the Sinhalese community, the leaders of this community wanted to control the government.
  • Governments applied preferential policies favoring one community to favor Sinhalese applicants for civil service and university positions. This continued discrimination over many years eventually led to the Sri Lankan Civil War, which claimed many innocent lives.


Option (b), both A and B, are true in the two given statements as the conflict between social groups will be reduced by sharing power.


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