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By Mona Kumari|Updated : May 10th, 2022

Hi Engineers

GATE and ESE are the two most important exams for every engineering student. And you all must be aware that to clear these exams with flying colour, and you need to be the master of basic concepts. So by keeping this in mind, we are launching an exclusive series:  Concept Capsules, A Complete Series for GATE 2023 & ESE for All Branches. 

We already promised to make it a one-stop destination for all Engineers of BYJU'S Exam Prep, so we bring to you all Concept Capsules Series for GATE 2023.

This will be the free YouTube series on this channel, and at what cost? FREE OF COST; what could be more exciting than this.

Classes in this course begin on 8th May 2022. Our expert faculty will cover all Important Subjects of GATE 2023. So, what are you waiting for? Subscribe now to BYJU'S Exam Prep GATE, ESE & PSU YouTube Channel for all the live classes.

All the Concept Capsules Series classes will be conducted in the English Language.

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Find the schedule below for the classes of Concept Capsules Series: for CE/ME/EE/EC/CS.

Concept Capsules Series: EC/EE Schedule

Live DateFacultySubjectSubject NameTitleSession Link
8-May-2022Rakesh TalrejaCommonSignals & SystemsEigen Signals Click Here
11-May-2022Dinesh GuthaECE CoreCommunication Systems
Why Modulation is required for Communication?
 Click Here 
11-May-2022Ashutosh SaxenaEE CoreElectrical Machines
How does a 3 phase Induction Motor start?
 Click Here 
15-May-2022Sanjay RathiCommonAnalog
Second-Order Low Pass Butterworth Filter
 Click Here 
18-May-2022Ashutosh SaxenaCommonElectrical Machines

How Maxwell Solved Inconsistency for a Capacitive Circuit

 Click Here 
22-May-2022Dinesh GuthaCommonSignals & Systems
Understand Frequency like never before
 Click Here 
25-May-2022Sanjay RathiCommonAnalog
Second-Order High Pass Butterworth Filter
 Click Here 
29-May-2022Rakesh TalrejaECE Core Digital Electronics Ripple Counters Click Here 
1-Jun-2022Dinesh GuthaECE CoreCommunication Systems
Wireless Bandwidth is Limited or Unlimited?
 Click Here 
1-Jun-2022Ashutosh SaxenaEE CoreElectrical Machines

What is MMF Balance in a Transformer?

 Click Here 
5-Jun-2022Sanjay RathiCommonAnalog
Notch Filter (Narrow Band Band-stop Filter)
 Click Here 
12-Jun-2022Dinesh GuthaCommonSignals & Systems
Different types of exponential signals?
 Click Here 
15-Jun-2022Rakesh TalrejaECE Core   Click Here 
15-Jun-2022Ashutosh SaxenaEE CoreElectrical Machines
Armature Reaction in Synchronous Generator
 Click Here 
19-Jun-2022Sanjay RathiCommonAnalogSeries Voltage Regulator By using BJT Click Here 

Concept Capsules Series: Civil/Mechanical Schedule

Live DateFacultySubjectSubject NameTitleSession Link
7-May-2022Dheeraj SardanaCommonEngineering Mechanics
Centripetal Force vs Centrifugal Force
  Click Here
10-May-2022Dheeraj SardanaME CoreThermal Science
Thermodynamic Cycles Vs Mechanical cycles
  Click Here
10-May-2022Rohan GoyalCE CoreHighway Engineering
Grade Compensation
  Click Here
14-May-2022ChandrashekharCommon Fluid Mechanics Pressure Equation (Manometry)  Click Here
17-May-2022Dheeraj SardanaME CoreTOM
Mystery of transmission Angle
 Click Here 
17-May-2022Rohan GoyalCE Structural Analysis Degree of Static Indeterminacy Click Here 
24-May-2022Dheeraj SardanaME CoreTOM
Coriolis component of acceleration
 Click Here 
28-May-2022Dheeraj SardanaCommonTOMControlling Force Diagram Click Here 
31-May-2022ChandrashekharME Core FM + HMT Electrical Analogy in GATE Click Here 
31-May-2022Rohan GoyalCE Core Design of Concrete Structures Modular Ratio Click Here 
4-Jun-2022Dheeraj SardanaME CoreSOM
Concept of Core/Kern in Column
  Click Here
7-Jun-2022Krishna YadaCE Core Structure Analysis Various types of 2D SupportClick Here
7-Jun-2022ChandrashekharME Core HT Radiation Shield Click Here 
11-Jun-2022Satyajeet SahuCE Core   Click Here 
14-Jun-2022Dheeraj SardanaME CoreProduction
Atomic Hydrogen welding
  Click Here
7-Jun-2022Ankit SharmaCE Core    Click Here
11-Jun-2022Dheeraj SardanaME CoreTOM
Controlling Force Diagram
  Click Here
14-Jun-2022Rohan GoyalCE Core    Click Here

Concept Capsules Series: CSE Schedule

Live DateFacultySubject NameTitleSession Link
8-May-2022Satya NarayanaPDSLogical Vs Bitwise Operators Click Here 
12-May-2022Anshul SharmaDLDNeutral & Self Dual Function Click Here 
15-May-2022Anil PrasadCOABoundaries Of a register Stack  Click Here
19-May-2022Satya NarayanaPDSStructure Vs Union  Click Here
22-May-2022Anshul SharmaProgramming in CStorage Classes in C  Click Here
26-May-2022Anil PrasadOSDesigning a Hardware lock  Click Here
29-May-2022Satya NarayanaALGOClustering In Hashing  Click Here
2-Jun-2022Anshul SharmaDBMSChecking Conflict Serializability  Click Here
5-Jun-2022Anil PrasadOSSaving Memory With Multi-level Paging  Click Here
9-Jun-2022Satya NarayanaALGOTypes Of Statements, Time Complexity  Click Here
12-Jun-2022Anshul SharmaCDCode optimization techniques  Click Here
16-Jun-2022Anil PrasadCOAHandling Structural and data hazards Click Here 
19-Jun-2022Satya NarayanaPDS'n' Ways to use for loop  Click Here
23-Jun-2022Anshul SharmaOS   Click Here

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