By : Manglika Tripathi

Updated : Feb 26, 2021, 4:28

Undecidability is an interesting topic for computer science students in the GATE exam. The questions from this topic are intended to test the applicants' knowledge of the undecidable problems. Undecidability GATE questions will be easy for you if you are thorough with all the related concepts. So, before the GATE CS exam, it is better to cover all the Undecidability topics and questions for GATE CS.

Important Undecidability Topics for GATE CS

Here are some of the crucial subtopics that you will come across while covering the Undecidability syllabus for GATE:



Problem types

Here you will learn about undecidable and decidable problems.

Computation theory

Here you will learn about the theories related to deterministic context-free language, regular language, recursive language, and recursively enumerable language.

Tips to follow while preparing Undecidability for GATE CS

  • Be clear with the undecidability syllabus will help you know the scope of the chapter, so that you can finish it without covering anything that is not needed. It is quite important when there are a lot of topics to be covered in different subjects for the main exam.
  • Undecidability GATE notes are necessary for revision before the exam, without having to go through the book again. For this, you can use books, or online websites like BYJU'S Exam Prep to download the Undecidability study material for GATE CS.
  • No matter which topic you are studying, learning the tricks is the key to quickly attend the Undecidability MCQ questions in less time. If you fail to do this, one section may take more time, and you will end up attempting fewer questions
  • Attempting the Undecidability online quiz is the key to know your preparation level. Based on the score in these tests, you can adjust your areas of focus

Importance of Undecidability topic in GATE CS

  • Students learn about the two types of Turing machines in the Undecidability notes for GATE pdf, which helps them learn about the type which accepts the recursive language, and the other one which accepts recursively enumerable language.
  • The questions from this topic check the knowledge of the students about their understanding of semi-decidable and not decidable problems.
  • Thorough knowledge of the topic shows their preparedness for higher studies in a similar specialization of computer science.
  • When a student understands these questions easily and scores well, it shows that he can easily implement this in real-life scenarios too for resolving the halting problems.

Recommended Books for learning Undecidability for GATE

Some of the Undecidability books that can be used for learning the concepts are as follows:



Elements of the Theory of Computation

Christos Ch Papadēmētriou and Harry R. Lewis

Introduction to Languages and the Theory of Computation

John C Martin

Theory of Computation

Dexter Kozen

Why prepare Undecidability from BYJU'S Exam Prep?

BYJU'S Exam Prep is a reliable source where you can find the best study materials for the GATE exam. It has a set of comprehensive notes on Undecidability. You can even download the Undecidability GATE questions and answers pdf for practising them once you have learnt the concepts. There are mentors to guide you whenever you are not clear about any sub-topic, or when you are unable to solve any questions. Practice the undecidability questions, online tests on BYJU'S Exam Prep in realtime.


Q. Is it okay to use different online sources for preparing for GATE?

No, you need to refer to books and reliable online sources like BYJU'S Exam Prep. Both have their benefits. Detailed descriptions can be found from the books, and the latest exam patterns can be identified from the mock tests on online platforms.

Q. Is it essential to practise MCQs?

Yes, you need to download Undecidability MCQ pdf and solve them whenever you get time. This will make you acquainted with the online exam pattern.

Q. How many Undecidability online tests do I need to attempt before the main exam?

This doesn't have a fixed number, but you need to practise as long as you feel confident that you can score well easily in the questions from this topic.

Q. How to attempt more questions in less time?

This requires practice. For example, you can download the Undecidability MCQ pdf and use a timer to see how fast you can attempt a set of questions. Gradually, this will improve efficiency

Q. Can I start preparing for the Undecidability topic 3 months before the exam?

No, it is better to start preparing from the beginning and reserve the last few months just for revision and practise.