Memory Organization

By : Manglika Tripathi

Updated : Feb 26, 2021, 5:20

A collection of storage devices or units together is called a memory unit. The binary information is stored by the memory unit in the form of bits. Memory is generally classified into types, which is Volatile memory and Non-volatile memory. With this comes the concept of memory organisation. Memory organisation for computer science is an important topic for government and competitive exams like GATE, ISRO, ESE, and other computer science PSU exams. The memory unit stores the data and programs and fulfills the need for information storage. The memory organisation syllabus for GATE CS includes the study of main memory, secondary storage, and cache. Let us now understand the Memory organisation topics for GATE CS.

Important Memory Organisation Topics for GATE CS

Based on the previous year’s memory organisation GATE questions, given below are the important Memory Organization topics for GATE CS.



Memory Hierarchy

Memory Hierarchy is used in computers to enhance the organization of memory which would lead to minimising the access time.

Cache Memory

The segments of programs executed in the CPU currently and the temporary data needed in the calculations are frequently stored in the cache.

Simultaneous Access Memory Organization

In the Simultaneous Access Memory Organization, the CPU is connected to all the memory levels directly but is allowed to access only in a sequence.

Hierarchical Memory Access Organization

In Hierarchical Memory Access Organization, the CPU accesses the data from the first memory level.

Tips to Prepare Memory Organization for GATE

  1. If you appear for the GATE or similar competitive exam, you should know the Memory Organization GATE syllabus or the syllabus of the respective exam and its exam pattern.
  2. Make a habit of making the Memory Organization GATE notes for yourself simultaneously as you study. If you are not used to preparing notes for yourself, you can get the Memory Organization notes for GATE pdf online.
  3. Once you cover the topic thoroughly, you should start attempting Memory Organization MCQ questions to make the concepts crystal clear and then go for Memory Organization online quiz and Memory Organization online test.
  4. Once you are confident about the topic, you should start solving Memory Organization GATE questions. You can get previous year questions from the online resources, and you can simply search for Memory Organization GATE questions and answers pdf.
  5. Keep revising the concepts by referring your Memory Organization notes for CS.

Importance of Memory Organization in GATE

  1. Studying Memory Organization is important as it helps in improving the decisions and avoiding the problems.
  2. Memory Organization is an important topic for GATE, ESE, ISRO, and other competitive and government exams.
  3. By preparing this topic, you can push your rank in the competitive exam as you will find a confirmed question on this topic.
  4. Memory Organization, along with other Computer Organization and Architecture subtopics, will cover around 9% of your GATE syllabus.

Most Recommended Books for Memory Organization for GATE CS

In your preparation for competitive exams like GATE, a good book plays a crucial role. Given below are few of the best Memory Organization books which cover the memory organisation syllabus for GATE explained easily.



Computer Organization

Carl Hamacher, Zvonko Vranesic, Safwat Zaky.

Computer Organization and Architecture

William Stallings

Computer Organization and Design

David Patterson, John Hennessy

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Q: What is the main memory?

A: Main memory is physical memory. It is the central memory unit in the system of a computer.

Q: What is memory hierarchy?

A: Memory Hierarchy is used in computers to enhance the organisation of memory which would lead to minimizing the access time.

Q: What are the types of memory access organizations?

A: There are two types of memory access organisations - a) Simultaneous Memory Access Organization b) Hierarchical Memory Access Organization.

Q: What is Cache?

A: The segments of programs that are being executed in the CPU currently and the temporary data which is needed in the calculations frequently are stored in the cache.

Q: What is latency in memory organisation?

A: The time taken to transfer a data block from caches or main memory is the latency.

Q: Why is Memory Organization Important?

A: Memory Organization is important as it helps in improving the decisions and avoiding the problems.