Complete Study Notes on Mathematics for CTET

By Ashish Kumar|Updated : October 1st, 2021

Mathematics is a crucial subject for CTET 2022, UPTET & State TET Exams. Most of the candidates are afraid of this section. It is just a myth that cannot score well in the Mathematics section. Maths is a practical and formula based subject. Students can achieve a great score in this section if they have clarity of the concepts. In CTET, UPTET & other states TET exams, 30 questions were asked from the mathematics section. We are here with a list of the most important mathematics notes for CTET 2022.

In this article, we will be sharing some of the most common and important topics of mathematics. These notes will be helpful for all those candidates who are preparing for the upcoming TETs.

Sr. No.SectionNo. of Questions AskedMaximum Marks

*Number of questions can vary. Each question will be 1 mark and there is no negative marking in CTET & other TETs.

Complete Mathematics Notes for CTET 2022:

Notes Related to Arithmetic Math:

We will start the notes with the arithmetic section which can be scoring if you understand all the formulas and basics. This section includes percentage, average, profit loss and other formula-based topics. Let's check out the notes in detail.

Topic NameNotes Link
Tricks to Find Unit DigitRead Notes Here
Notes on HCF & LCMRead Notes Here
Notes on Time & WorkRead Notes Here
Notes on Time & DistanceRead Notes Here
Notes on Number System - Part - IRead Notes Here
Notes on Number System - Part - 2Read Notes Here
Notes on PercentageRead Notes Here
Notes on Simple InterestRead Notes Here
Notes on AverageRead Notes Here
Notes on Profit & LossRead Notes Here
Notes on Ratio & ProportionRead Notes Here
Notes on Compound InterestRead Notes Here

Notes Related to Advance Math:

Advance mathematics covers one of the most interesting topics that is a mensuration. This formula based portion is sections of maths is not only scoring but is also applicable in daily life.

Topic NameNotes Link
Notes on Mensuration (2D)Read Notes Here
Notes on Mensuration (3D)Read Notes Here
Notes on TrianglesRead Notes Here

Notes Related to Math Pedagogy:

Pedagogy is the section that allows a teacher to connect with their students in the right way. What to teach and how to teach mathematics is covered in this section. Read the notes carefully and then solve questions to establish the understanding.

Topic NameNotes Link
Study Notes on Language and Community of MathematicsRead Notes Here
Study Notes on Evaluation MethodsRead Notes Here
Study Notes on Place of Mathematics in CurriculumRead Notes Here
Notes on Techniques of Mathematics TeachingRead Notes Here
Notes on Concept and Nature of Mathematics PedagogyRead Notes Here


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  • CTET paper-1 and Paper-2 both have the mathematics section. There are a total of 30 questions in each paper with 1 mark each.

  • No, CTET and other TETs do not have negative markings.

  • No, CTET has no sectional cut-off. A student will have to clear the overall cut-off to claim eligibility.

  • CTET 2021 will have to score 90 marks or above to become eligible and qualify the exam.

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