Complete Notes on Social Studies for CTET & Other Teaching Exams

By Neha Joshi|Updated : November 28th, 2019

Social Studies is one of the very Important subjects of CTET, HTET, UPTET & Other teaching exams. Most of the candidates cannot score well in this section because of Incomplete knowledge of the subject and lack of study material. This subject includes history, geography, polity, economics, and pedagogy.

Here, we are providing important Complete study notes on Social Studies which will be very helpful for upcoming CTET and other teaching exams 2020.

Complete Social Studies Notes:

Notes Related to Geography

Serial No.Topic NameNotes Link
1Study Notes on EarthRead Notes Here
2Study Notes on AgricultureRead Notes Here
3 Study Notes on GlobeRead Notes Here
4Study Notes on Air and AtmosphereRead Notes Here
5Study notes on Water Read Notes Here
6Study notes on transportRead Notes Here
7Study Notes on the Resources and their typesRead Notes Here

Note Related to History

Serial No.Topic NameNotes Link
1Notes on Earliest SocietiesRead Notes Here
2Study Notes on the Earliest Cities Read Notes Here 
3Note on Chalukyas Dynasty and Pallava DynastyRead Notes Here
4Notes on Buddhism & JainismRead Notes Here
5Note on Bahmani and Vijayanagara KingdomsRead Notes Here
6Note on Delhi Sultanate Part - 1Read Notes Here
7Note on Delhi Sultanate Part - 2Read Notes Here
8Note on Mughal EmpireRead Notes Here
9Note on Viceroys of IndiaRead Notes Here
10Note on European in IndiaRead Notes Here
11Notes on Indian Independence & National MovementRead Notes Here
12Study Notes on First Farmers and HerdersRead Notes Here
13Study Notes on The First EmpireRead Notes Here

Notes Related to Political Science:

Serial No.Topic NameNotes Link
1International Boundary LinesRead Notes Here
2Note on Indian ConsitutionRead Notes Here
3Notes on Vice President of IndiaRead Notes Here
4Notes on DemocracyRead Notes Here
5Notes on Indian JudiciaryRead Notes Here
6Notes of the Local Government system in IndiaRead Notes Here
7Notes on State GovernmentRead Notes Here

Note Related Social studies pedagogy:

Serial No.Topic NameNotes Link
1Teaching Learning Material in social Science PedagogyRead Notes Here
2Problem related to Social Science teachingRead Notes Here
3Project Method in Social Science PedagogyRead Notes Here
4Critical Thinking and Blooms TaxonomyRead Notes Here
5Classroom Process and Discourse Method of teachingRead Notes Here
6Study Notes on Concept & Nature of Social Studies PedagogyRead Notes Here
7Study Notes on NCF 2005 for CTET & TET ExamRead Notes Here
8Concept & Teaching of social studiesRead Notes Here


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Chitralekha Panigrahi
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Shobha Kumari
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Thank you🙏💕
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Pls ye nots HindI me mil skte h ???
Rinki Mishra
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Swati Desai
I'm preparing for TET  Maharashtra board exam.plz
Radhika Mishra
Very very helpful biggest thanks
Prachi Batra

Prachi BatraJul 13, 2020

are these notes based on NCERT syllabus?

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