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Compensators & Controllers Starter Quiz

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Question 1

A compensator with transfer function . If then the compensator can give the minimum phase at a frequency of

Question 2

Consider the compensation network as shown in the figure below

What is the maximum phase provided by the network.

Question 3

An uncompensated open transfer function is given below

It is desired that the velocity error constant of compensated system to be 20. The required compensator is given by . The value of α = is ________.

Question 4

If the maximum phase provided by the compensator is 30° and this is achieved at √6 rad/sec. The ratio of pole to zero for the compensator transfer function will be______.

Question 5

The lead compensator has pole at s =-4 and a zero at s =-2. Then the maximum phase lead ɸm and corresponding frequency ωm is respectively?

Question 6

The block diagram of a control system is shown below.

The control specifications are that the damping ratio of the closed loop system is 0.6 and a damped natural frequency ωd is 10 rad/sec. The parameters of PD controller Kp and Kv are respectively

Question 7

A double integrator plant G(s) = H(s) = 1 is to be compensated to achieve the damping ratio and an undamped natural frequency, ωn = 5 rad/sec. Which one of the following compensator Ge(s) will be suitable?
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