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Communication Quiz for UGC NET Exam 2021

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Question 1

What are the things classified under communication pitfalls?

Question 2

Which type of communication is related to ‘Gossip Chain’?

Question 3

Why mass communication is important in every country?

Select the correct code from given below:

i) It plays an important role in creating people’s awareness of national policies and programmes.

ii) By providing information and education besides entertainment.

iii) The ministry of information and broadcasting is responsible for development and regulation of information.

Question 4

‘Noise’ is a---------------- barrier?

Question 5

“A Sales representative of an organisation sends an email to the Production manager asking when the product will be available for shipping.” Which type of Communication is this?

Question 6

Effective oral communication demands

(a) Self-confidence

(b) Long pauses

(c) Consistent practice

(d) Business-like approach

(e) Knowing the audience

(f) Aggressive questioning

Choose the correct answer from the following option:

Question 7

Paralanguage is

(a) Non-verbal element of communication

(b) A technical term for aspect of personal space in communication

(c) Used to modify meaning and convey emotion

(d) It may be expressed consciously or unconsciously

Choose the correct option from the following:

Question 8

Which of the following are not the language barriers in effective communication?

i) Faulty language

ii) Premature evaluation

iii) Specialist's language

iv) Loss in transmission

v) Filtering

vi) Underlying assumptions not clear

Select the correct code from given below:

Question 9

What are the functions of mass media in society? 

i) Articulation

ii) Pitch and volume

iii) Surveillance of the environment media.

iv) Correlation.

v) Admission of social inheritance.

Select the correct code:

Question 10

Which of the following are not the demerits of written communication?

i) Precise

ii) Permanent

iii) Time consuming

iv) Quick clarification not possible

v) Helps to fix responsibility

Select the correct code from given below:

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