CMAT Marks vs Percentile: Calculate CMAT Percentile & Score

By Sharmistha Banerjee|Updated : August 3rd, 2022

CMAT Score vs Percentile study helps to get an idea of the CMAT Percentile equivalent of the scores obtained. CMAT Score directs to the total marks obtained in the exam. CMAT Percentile indicates a candidate’s comparative score with respect to other candidates who have qualified for the exam.

CMAT Entrance Exam is a national-level MBA Exam for admission to MBA/PGDM courses at B-schools. NTA conducts CMAT to shortlist the candidates for MBA admission in different AICTE-affiliated institutes. So, the candidates must know the differentiation between CMAT Marks vs Percentile. In this article, BYJU’S Exam Prep experts have given a detailed study of CMAT Score vs Percentile. The candidates may find this beneficial in interpreting their CMAT Result.

What is CMAT Score?

The CMAT Marks obtained by the candidates based on the specified marking scheme are called CMAT Scores. In other words, it is the sum total of marks obtained by the candidates in all 5 sections of CMAT. To calculate the CMAT Score, candidates can follow the below-mentioned process:

  • CMAT Question Paper comprises 100 questions divided into 5 sections. The total CMAT Exam Duration is 3 hours. 
  • The candidates will get +4 for every correct answer. Check How to Prepare CMAT in 1 Month?
  • However, -1 will be deducted for every incorrect answer
  • For unanswered questions, CMAT Marks are neither awarded nor deducted
  • The CMAT Total Score is computed by totaling the marks as per the number of questions attempted by the candidates.

Note the table below to get an idea of the CMAT Exam Pattern and marking scheme



Number of Sections

5 Sections

CMAT Exam Duration

3 Hours

Number of questions

100 Questions

Total Marks


Marking Scheme

+4 for every correct answer

-1 for every incorrect answer 

How to Calculate CMAT Score?

Given below is a sample of the CMAT Score Calculation Process. The candidates must go through it to predict their score for the upcoming CMAT Exam.


Questions Answered

Correct Answers

Wrong Answers

Marks for Correct Answers

Marks for Wrong Answers

CMAT Score





80*4= 320

20*1= 20

320-20= 300





85*4= 340

3*1= 3

340-3= 337

What is CMAT Percentile?

It is the relative score that reveals the percentage of candidates acquiring a lower score than a specific candidate is called the CMAT Percentile. To put it separately, it is a measure of ranking the candidates based on their performance. It shows the candidate's position on the CMAT Merit List. Get all the details for CMAT Registration. The candidates must note the below two things while calculating the CMAT Percentile.

  • The percentile of the total CMAT Score will not be the sum or average of the CMAT Percentile of the respective subjects. Go through the CMAT Eligibility in detail.
  • The CMAT Percentile Score will not be the same as the percentage of CMAT Marks obtained. Stay updated with information regarding CMAT Exam Date 2023.

CMAT Percentile Calculation Process

The candidates can calculate the CMAT Percentile using the below formula. You must note that CMAT Percentile is generally calculated based on the candidate’s rank vs the number of candidates who appeared in the exam.

  • Total Percentile (TP1) = 100 x (Number of candidates who appeared from the session with raw score EQUAL TO or LESS than T1 score/ Total No. of candidates who appeared in the session). Get all the details for CMAT Cut Off.
  • For example, suppose 100000 candidates appeared in CMAT Entrance Exam. And candidate A has got the No.1 Rank. Then CMAT Percentile score will be 100 x 99999/100000= 99.999. Check CMAT Syllabus and be prepared accordingly.

CMAT Rank Allocation Process

As per the trends, CMAT Ranks are allotted based on the CMAT Marks scored by the candidates. If you score the most marks out of 400 among all CMAT Exam Takers, then you secure All India Rank 1. In case more than one candidate secures the same ranking, the same CMAT Rank is assigned to all of them but is displayed in the CMAT Merit List by sorting their names alphabetically. Get all the details for CMAT Books as per expert recommendation.

The CMAT Rank of the subsequent candidate is then extended by the number of additional students having the same rank. For example, if three students get the 25th Rank, the subsequent candidate will be ranked 28th. Check CMAT Answer Key in detail.

CMAT Score vs Percentile

The aspirants will get a detailed analysis of the CMAT Marks vs Percentile 2022 after declaring the CMAT Merit List. However, based on the expert analysis of the past few years CMAT Score vs Percentile, below is an expected CMAT Score vs Percentile 2022.

CMAT Percentile 2022

CMAT Score 2022


345 – 359

90 – 99.99

296 – 344

80 – 89

230 – 295

71 – 79

181 – 229

61 – 70

131 – 175

51 – 60

115 – 129

50 and below

Below 114


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FAQs on CMAT Score vs Percentile

  • The CMAT Score vs Percentile study aids in determining the scores' CMAT Percentile equivalents. The CMAT Score refers to the overall exam score. The CMAT Percentile shows a candidate's score in comparison to other candidates who have earned exam eligibility.

  • The CMAT Score will remain valid for one year from the result declaration date. The candidates have to get admission within 1 year from the date of CMAT Result declaration.

  • If it is found that the CMAT scores of more than one aspirant are similar, then the ranking will be carried out based on the scores that the aspirants have scored in each section.

  • CMAT Score is calculated as the marking scheme of the exam.

    • For every correct answer: +4 marks
    • For incorrect answers: -1 marks
    • Unattempted answers: No Deduction
  • NTA defines the candidates' national CMAT Rank based on the overall CMAT Score. In case of a tie, CMAT Sectional Scores are taken into account. 

  • Based on the CMAT Score vs Percentile analysis, the candidates must score 320 marks to get a 99+ CMAT Percentile in this exam.

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