CLAT 2022 Last Minute Preparation Tips & Revision Strategy

By Anjali Chowdhury|Updated : June 17th, 2022

CLAT 2022 Last Minute Preparation Tips: The Consortium of NLUs will conduct CLAT 2022 on 19th June 2022 from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM. It is a national-level entrance exam conducted for the candidates who aspire to take admission into the undergraduate (UG) and postgraduate (PG) law programmes offered by 22 National Law Universities around the country. The aspiring candidates should know the last minute preparation tips in order to ace the CLAT exam with a good score.

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CLAT is one of the most prestigious law entrance exams in India. It is a Gateway to National Law Universities (NLUs) in India. It is conducted for admission in 22 National Law Universities of India for Under-Graduate & Post-Graduate courses. It is organized by the Consortium of National Law Universities consisting of representative universities.

The Consortium of NLUs will conduct CLAT 2022 on 19th June 2022 from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM. CLAT 2022 will be conducted across the country at various centres in the form of an online test.

CLAT UG Exam Pattern 2022

The CLAT exam 2022 will consist of 150 MCQ based questions from 5 different subjects such as: Quantitative Techniques, English Language, Legal Reasoning, Logical Reasoning and Current Affairs (Including GK).


No. of Qs

English Language

28-32 questions,

Current Affairs, including General Knowledge

35-39 questions

Legal Reasoning

35-39 questions

Logical Reasoning

28-32 questions

Quantitative Techniques

13-17 questions

Marking scheme

  • For each correct answer, a +1 mark will be awarded.
  • Negative Marking - For each wrong answer, 0.25 mark will be deducted.

CLAT 2022 - Section Wise Tips

1. English Language (One should devote 25-30 minutes to this section)

As per the new exam pattern the candidates will be provided with passages of 450 words each. The difficulty level of these passages would be that of 12th standard. 

  • Make sure you do not start something new on the last day of preparation. It will only confuse you at the end.
  • Revise grammar rules and concepts once. However, do not push yourself too hard; take it slow and steady. 

2. Current Affairs including GK (One should devote 12-15  minutes to this section)

  • Passages of around 450 words will be asked in the examination.
  • You need to have in-depth knowledge of all the current affairs events.
  • Just mugging up important pointers will not be sufficient.
  • The passages will be derived from news, journalistic sources and other non-fiction sources and questions will be framed on everything that may relate to the topic of the passage.
  • Reading newspapers, articles and editorials will help you to ace this section.

3. Logical Reasoning (One should devote 25 minutes to this section)

  • Short passages of 300 words will be asked in the examination.
  • Critically analyze patterns of reasoning, and assess how conclusions may depend on particular premises or evidence;
  • Read and identify the arguments, strengthening and weakening arguments, assumptions, etc.

Topics to cover 

  • Statement & Assumption
  • Statement & Conclusion
  • Statement & Course of Action
  • Statement & Argument
  • Cause & Effect
  • Deriving Conclusion from a passage
  • Syllogism

4. Legal Reasoning (One should devote 25-30 minutes to this section)

  • Passages of around 450 words each will be asked in the examination. 
  • This section will comprise of questions from various legal and moral issues.
  • You need to have a strong reasoning ability in order to score well in this section.
  • You must be aware of all the legal matters, and legal terms ( like adjudication, trespass, negligence, defamation, sedition etc).

5. Quantitative Techniques (One should devote 12-15 minutes to this section)

In order to score well in this section the candidates should have the following skills:

  • Fast Calculation Skills
  • Good knowledge of basic mathematical concepts
  • Ability to apply shortcuts
  • Critical thinking skill that helps you comprehend textbooks, graphs and tables.


CLAT 2022- Last Minute Tips and Strategy

1. Attempt the General Knowledge/Current Affairs at the start of the examination to complete the section in 10 minutes and then you can use the time saved in this section to solve the Logical/Legal Reasoning or the Quantitative Technique questions.

2. Read the given instructions carefully -

  • It is highly essential to read the instructions given above the questions carefully.
  • Do not just start attempting the question before going through the instructions properly.
  • It has been observed that the pattern or concept of the question does not change in the exam. The only change is the way of solving questions as per the given instructions.

3. Time Management -

  • Time management is the key to success. Manage your time during the exam very efficiently and smartly.
  • It is important to decide the time beforehand which you are going to spend on a particular question.
  • Especially in Numerical Ability and Reasoning Ability section, you must keep track of time properly.
  • You must decide the time you are going to spend on each question.
  • Understand that you need not solve tricky questions.
  • Instead of this, make the most of the easy questions.
  • Selecting the right questions in the exam is one important factor that leads to selection.

6. Do Not get stuck into any question -

  • If a question is taking more than the time it should usually take then do not challenge yourself for the question.
  • There is equal marking for every question in the Exam.
  • If you are not able to solve any question within a standard time, you should better leave it and move on to the next question.
  • You must keep in mind that your main motive is to maximize your exam score smartly.

7. Do not panic in case of new pattern questions  -

  • Do not panic if you find any new pattern questions, just attempt questions that you can.
  • If it is new then it's new for everyone.
  • Read the instruction and the question carefully.
  • Solve it step by step by applying the basic concepts of the topic.
  • Still, if you are not able to solve it then leave it and solve another question.

8. Along with the above-mentioned strategy, take note of the following mentioned points and come out with flying colours -

  • Attempt a mock test in the meantime to devise your strategy. Check which mistake you must not repeat in the exam.
  • Believe in yourself and have faith in your capabilities. 
  • Attempt the exam with a cool and calm mind.
  • Take proper sleep before the exam. An attentive mind is the most important factor during the exam.

9. Major Do’s and Don’t for the CLAT 2022 Exam –

  • Do not panic once the exam starts. Stay calm and start by reading the instructions.
  • Do read the passages properly first
  • Do make sure that you attempt 110 plus questions
  • Do not spend too much time on any one question
  • Do not do any guesswork
  • Be prepared for the surprises as many new topics can be asked in the exam. Also, different topics will be asked in different shifts.


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FAQs on CLAT 2022 Last Minute Preparation Tips

  • There will be negative marking of 0.25 marks. One mark will be awarded for each correct answer and 0.25 will be deducted for every incorrect answer.

  • Try to attempt the General Knowledge/Current Affairs at the start of the examination as to complete the section in 10 minutes and then you can use the time saved in this section to solve the Logical/Legal Reasoning or the Quantitative Technique questions.

  • All the questions will be based on passages. More emphasis on Reasoning. There will be less number of questions. It will be a 2-hour test, with 150 multiple-choice questions.

  • Yes, you may attempt questions from any section in exam. For example, If you are strong in English, begin there and aim to score as much as possible. If your GK preparation is excellent, perhaps that is a better starting point.

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