CLAT 2022: Know the Basics of Analogy

By Aman Prakash|Updated : August 29th, 2021

Start preparing right from the convenience of your home without compromising on the quality of your preparation. Some of the most significant questions that form a part of the reasoning section are Analogies questions.

The reasoning section can be effortless for different Law exam aspirants, while it can be burdensome for many. The most common reason for this distinction is the difference in the way of learning. Learning the Analogies topics for various Law exams systematically can boost your overall score in the exam.

Important concepts or topics in Analogies

To understand the various kinds of analogical relationships, first, you have to be aware of the two major sections in which the Analogies questions and answers are divided -

Verbal analogy

The relationship between one or more pairs of words is called a verbal analogy.

Non-verbal analogy

The relationship between two figures is called a non-verbal analogy.

Types of Analogical Relationships   

  • Types
  • Details

Completing the analogy pair

In this category of Analogies problems in various Law exams, three words will be given, and you have to find the fourth word by detecting the relationship between the first and second words.

Direct analogy

In these kinds of Analogies quizzes for various Law exams, you can observe a relationship or comparison between two objects, ideas, or situations and find a relation for the missing word.

 Picking out the right analogy pair

One pair of words will be given. You have to find out the other pair of words, either similar or dissimilar, based on the pair’s relationship. You can get a better understanding by taking the Analogies Practice test for Law exams.

Dual analogy

For a clearer insight into a dual analogy, you must know the Analogies tricks for various Law exams, as the questions get trickier. Here you have to find the right combination of two words related to the pair of words given in the question.

Multiple word analogy

In these Analogies questions, you will find two or more words related to each other. You need to pick out the other combination of words or groups of words that you can compare in a similar manner.

Numerical analogy

One of the most challenging Analogies topics for various Law exams is a numerical analogy, where you have to deal with a number or a group of numbers and find out the relationship through addition, multiplication or division.

Alphabetical analogy

One of the most common topics in the Analogies syllabus for various Law exams is the alphabetical analogy, where you have to deal with a letter or group of letters and find the missing letter from the incomplete set of alphabets.

Tips to Solve Analogies Questions

  • Analyze the pattern, your in-depth understanding of the question is necessary before you look for the options’ answer.

  • Remember, every numerical or alphabetical analogy has a relation. Analogies practice set can prepare you well with this understanding of the relations.

  • Regular practice will help you develop an expert conception on the topics you can master through Analogies online test for Law exams.

Importance of Analogies in reasoning Section

  • This section evaluates the logical thinking skills of the candidate that a Law aspirant must possess.

  • The logical reasoning section comprises 25% marks. Strengthening the foundation of this section can elevate your score significantly.

  • These are direct questions; hence a little more attention to the concepts can be very fruitful.

  • This section also tests your general knowledge skills, which is a prerequisite to bag a good position in various Laws.

Why prepare Analogies?

  • is a platform that integrates every step for achieving success in Law exams. With an up-to-date Analogies syllabus for different Law exams, you will get a clear vision of your goal. Enhance the score by enlightening yourself with highly beneficial Analogies notes for various Law exams.

  • Start preparing right from the convenience of your home without compromising on the quality of your preparation.

  • Take the Analogies online test for Law exams where you can get the real-time experience of the exam. You can also attend doubt clearing classes for an in-depth understanding of the topics. Many quizzes cover all kinds of questions on a topic. Join the best platform for optimum preparation for various Law exams.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is Analogy?

Ans: In simple terms, analogy means similarity. It is a comparison between two or more letters, numbers, or words.

2. How to solve analogies questions in the Law exams?

Ans: To answer the analogy questions, you have to analyze the relationship between the given alphabetical or numerical sets and find the missing set from the option that best fits the analogous pattern.

3. What are the types of analogous relationships?

Ans: The different types of relationships in the analogy are dual analogy, multiple analogies, numerical analogy, alphabetical analogy, finding a similar analogy, direct analogy, and completing the analogous pair are some analogous relationships.

4. What is the best way to prepare for analogies?

Ans: Practicing regularly by giving the mock tests, solving online quizzes, and referring to Analogies questions and answers pdf for various Law exams can boost your chances for succeeding in the Law exams.

5. How to know the tricks to solve analogies questions?

Ans: Join the optimum online platform that provides robust preparation with regular classes and tests. An effective platform for preparation comprises a team of well-knowledgeable and experienced faculty. So, you can easily know the tricks and formulas to solve the analogies questions.


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