CLAT 2022: Data Interpretation Tricks

By Prakhyati Chauhan|Updated : August 28th, 2021

Many times in Data Interpretation, questions are asked to find the average of 5-6 big numbers. As all these numbers are from the same graph.

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Data Interpretation is the process of making sense out of a collection of data that has been processed. This collection may be present in various forms like bar graphs, line charts and tabular forms and other similar forms and hence needs an interpretation of some kind. Here we will learn about data interpretation and important techniques with examples.

Visual Estimation

Now let's come to our topic. How to use visual estimation technique to solve Data Interpretation questions. Let's take a visual example:-

Example - Red bars state wheat production state and Green bars states rice production.

Question - In which year percentage increase Wheat production was highest ?

As you can see there is increase of 5 tonnes in production both wheat and rice production every year. 

10% of 50 = 5

10% of 70 = 7

So answer should 2006.

Finding averages

Many times in Data Interpretation, questions are asked to find average of 5-6 big numbers. As all these numbers are from a same graph, there is high probability that these number will be close to each other. Take a look to following visual example :-

In the above example, you can find the average of the above number in just 5 seconds:-

7800 ( 14 +29 + 108 + 22 + 120/5 ) = 7800 + 58.6 = 7858.6

I always try to find answers by approximation, in my mind, I calculated answer 7860. Try it yourself.

Solve the fractions quickly

Learn the value of fractions in percentages. Please read Time and work chapter in my previous post in which I explained via a table.

Faster calculations

The only thing that you require to score well in data interpretation questions is fast calculation. You can find multiplication tricks from my previous post.

Let's take an example:- How much 468 of 21428?

Let me make this simple for you.

1% of 21428 = 214
2% of 21428 = 428
0.1% of 21428 = 21

For me, the answer should be around 2.2%

There are many techniques that make calculations easy. No teacher is going to teach techniques in the class. You need to learn them with practice.



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