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Class XII Physics Semiconductor Electronics Quiz 9

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Question 1

The current gain of a common emitter amplifier is 69. If the emitter current is 7.0 mA, collector current is:

Question 2

A transistor is used as an amplifier in common-emitter configuration. If the current at the input terminal is changed by 30 µA, and due to this the base-emitter voltage becomes 0.03 V and the current at the collector gets changed by 3 mA, then the voltage gain of the amplifier is
(Given that load resistance connected to the circuit is 10 k)

Question 3

In an npn transistor, when the emitter current is changed by 7 mA, the collector current changes by 6.9 mA. The values of and are:

Question 4

In the figure given below, the output characteristic for a common-emitter transistor is shown.

The a.c. current gain for the given transistor, when VCE = 2 V is

Question 5

An unknown transistor needs to be identified as a npn or pnp type. A multimeter, with +ve and −ve terminals, is used to measure resistance between different terminals of transistor. If terminal 2 is the base of the transistor then which of the following is correct for a pnp transistor?

Question 6

To get an OR gate from a NAND gate, we need

Question 7

What is the conductivity of a semiconductor sample having electron concentration of 5×1018 m-3, hole concentration of 5×1019 m-3, electron mobility of 2.0 m2 V-1 s-1 and hole mobility of 0.01 m2 V-1 s-1?
(Take charge of electron as 1.6×10-19 C)

Question 8

In an unbiased n-p junction electrons diffuse from n - region to p - region because:
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