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Class XII Physics Semiconductor Electronics Quiz 7

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Question 1

For a transistor shown in the figure, the dc current gain and. The switch S is initially open. Calculate the voltage at point A. If the switch S is now closed, what would be the voltage at point A?

Question 2

In a common emitter amplifier circuit using an n-p-n transistor, the phase difference between the input and the output voltages will be:

Question 3

The output Y of the logic circuit shown in figure is best represented as
Description: Vitjee-2014-Physics_files\image007.jpg

Question 4

For the given digital circuit, write the truth table and identify the logic gate it represents
Description: Description: image123.png

Question 5

The input resistance of a common emitter amplifier is 330 Ω and the load resistance is 5 kΩ. A change of base current is 15 μA result in the change of collector current by 1 mA. The voltage gain of amplifier is

Question 6

A transistor is used as an amplifier with a load resistance of 10k . If a change of 0.04V in base-to-emitter voltage produces a change of 40 and 4mA change in collector current, the power gain of the amplifier is

Question 7

Statement-1: PNP transistors are preferred over the NPN transistors for the switching operations
Statement-2: The mobility of the free electrons are greater than that of the holes
For the above given statements, which of the following is correct?

Question 8

Which of the following is the possible reason for keeping base of a transistor thin and lightly doped in comparison with that of emitter and collector?
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