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Class XII Physics Semiconductor Electronics Quiz 5

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Question 1

Calculate the mobility of electron in an n-type semiconductor. if the density of conduction electron and holes are and respectively. The resistivity of semiconductor and mobility of holes is and, respectively.

Question 2

An ideal diode and a resistor are connected as shown in the diagram below. A sinusoidal voltage is applied as the input . Which of the four waveforms shown below describes the output ? (T is the time period of the input waveform, and R is a series resistance.)

Question 3

A LED is constructed using a p-n junction whose gap energy is 2 eV. What is the color of light emitted by the LED? (Given, approximate wavelength range for red, yellow, green, and blue are 620-750 nm, 570-590 nm, 570-495 nm, and 495-450 nm, respectively.)

Question 4

An amplifier with 9.5% voltage gain, voltage gain without feedback is 10. The voltage gain with negative feedback is

Question 5

If Boolean function is represented as . How many minimum number of gates are required to represent this Boolean function if not all gates are same.

Question 6

What is the output of following circuit :

Question 7

An npn transistor is in saturation mode, if the common emitter current gain is β and the base current is IB, then

Question 8

In the figure given below an npn transistor is connected, with resistances and batteries. If the resistance connected with the base RB is increased, then
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