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Class XII Physics Semiconductor Electronics Quiz 4

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Question 1

Find Rb such that the transistor can be used as a switch which is open. VBE = 0.7V

Question 2

If in an amplifier circuit, collector current is changed by 30mA and base current is changed by 0.2mA. To change the collector current by thrice this amount, what should be the change in emitter current?

Question 3

What is true about power dissipation in transistor compared to Active region of the transistor?

Question 4

In this amplifier, find the voltage gain of the amplifier.

Question 5

In a common emitter configuration, a transistor has β = 50 and input resistance 1 kΩ. If the peak value of a.c. input is 0.01 V then the peak value of collector current is

Question 6

A silicon semiconductor with number of Si atoms per cubic cm = 6 x 1023 is doped with an acceptor of impurity 1 in 6 x 10 8. The conductivity of Si is ( ni = 1.5 x 1010 /cm3 , )

Question 7

An electron is in constant motion and has mobility of 2000 cm2/V-s at 27. The mean free path it can traverse would be

Question 8

Simplified form of following Boolean function is ,
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