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Class XII Physics Semiconductor Electronics Quiz 3

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Question 1

In a common emitter configuration with suitable bias, it is given that RL is the load resistance and  RBE is small signal dynamic resistance (input side). Then, voltage gain, current gain and power gain are given, respectively, by : β is current gain, IB, IC and  IE are respectively base, collector and emitter currents.

Question 2

A transistor is used in common emitter mode, and the variation between the output voltage and the input voltage is plotted and that is shown below. This curve is known as transfer characteristics. On the basis of the given transfer characteristic, choose the incorrect statement:

Question 3

Which of the following is correct

Question 4

Initial LC oscillator frequency is 150Hz and inductance L=3H. If frequency is changed to 180Hz without changing the inductance, find the percentage change in capacitance of the circuit.

Question 5

For the following circuit, the value of β is 200. Given that Ic = 2.5 mA.

Then the value of VBC (in V) is:

Question 6

In a p-n Junction Diode, a square input signal of 10V is applied as shown in the figure.

Then the output signal across RL will be:

Question 7

A basic communication system consists of
(a) Transmitter
(b) Information source
(c) User of information
(d) Channel
(e) Receiver
The correct sequence of the arrangement is

Question 8

Output of following expression is,
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