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Class XII Physics Semiconductor Electronics Quiz 1

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Question 1

Which of the following logic gates is considered as ‘universal’?

Question 2

Find the output of Boolean expression:

Question 3

In the given circuit, the current through zener diode is :

Question 4

The energy gap in case of which of the following is less than 3 eV?

Question 5

A carrier wave of peak voltage 14 V is used for transmitting a message signal. The peak voltage of modulating signal given to achieve a modulation index of 80% will
be :

Question 6

In communication system, the process of superimposing a low frequency signal on a high frequency wave is known as

Question 7

An FM transmission has a frequency deviation of 18.75 kHz percent modulation if it is broadcast
(i) in the 88 − 108 MHz band
(ii) as a portion of a T.V. broadcast are respectively

Question 8

In the following circuit, the value of β is 200. Given that Ic = 2.5 mA.

The value of VBE (in V) is:
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