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Class XII Physics Nuclei Quiz 2

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Question 1

atom disintegrates to with a half-life of 109 years. In the process it emits 7 alpha particles and particles. Here is

Question 2

In which of the following case, nuclear fusion process is not possible?

Question 3

Given that the binding energies per nucleon of a deuteron and alpha particle are 1.1 MeV and 7 MeV respectively, the energy released in the reaction is about

Question 4

A hurdle in sustaining a chain reaction in nuclear fission is that

Question 5

If the nuclear radius of is 3.6 Fermi, then the approximate nuclear radius (upto one decimal places) of in Fermi is?

Question 6

A nucleus at rest splits into two nuclear parts having radii in the ratio 1 : 2. Their velocities are in the ratio

Question 7

If one takes into account finite mass of the proton, the correction to the binding energy of the hydrogen atom is approximately (mass of proton =1.60 × 10-27 kg, mass of electron =9.10×10-31 kg)

Question 8

The experimentally determined value of Li7 is 7.016005 u when measured by mass spectroscopy. Given that mp = 1.00728 u, mn = 1.00867 u, me = 5.5×10-4 u. What is the value of missing mass?
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