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Class XII Physics Nuclei Quiz 1

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Question 1

A high energy gamma ray while passing through the strong electric field of the nucleus sometimes gives rise to a particle and antiparticle. This phenomenon is called

Question 2

Let Fpp, Fpn and Fnn denote the magnitude of the net force by a proton on a proton, by a proton on a neutron and by a neutron on a neutron respectively. Neglect gravitational force. When the separation is 1 fm, -

Question 3

Assuming that about 200 MeV of energy is released per fission of 92U235 nuclei, then the mass of U235 consumed per day in a fission reactor of power 1 megawatt will approximately be,

Question 4

In one model of the electron, the electron of mass is thought to be uniformly charged shell of radius and total charge , whose electrostatic energy is equivalent to its mass via Einstein’s mass energy relation . In this model, is approximately
(kg, m.s-1, 1/4=9x109 Farads.m-1, magnitude of the electron charge = 1.6x10-19 C)

Question 5

A nucleon influences only nucleons close to it. This property is the consequence of

Question 6

A nuclear transformation is given by Y (n,Description: E:\VITJEE\Vitjee-2015-Physics_files\image131.png) 3Li7. The nucleus of element Y is

Question 7

If M0 is the mass of an oxygen isotope 8O17, MP and MN are the masses of a proton and a neutron respectively, the nuclear binding energy of the isotope is

Question 8

A nucleus disintegrates into two nuclear parts which have their velocities in the ratio 2 : 1. The ratio of their nuclear sizes will be
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