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Class XII Physics Important Qs on Dual Nature of Radiation and Matter

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Question 1

A particle is dropped from a height ‘H’. The de’Broglie wavelength of the particle depends on height as

Question 2

In Thomson experiment of finding for electrons, beam of electrons is replaced by that of muons) particle with same charge as of electrons but mass 208 times that of electrons). No deflection condition in this case satisfied, if

Question 3

In Davisson and Germer experiment, if the intensity of scattered beam of electrons is found to be maximum at 50˚ angle of scattering then at what would be the accelerating potential?

Question 4

Two sources A and B have same power. The wavelength of radiation of A is λa and that λb. The number of photons emitted per second by A and B are na and nb respectively, then -

Question 5

The collector plate in an experiment on photoelectric effect is kept vertically above the emitter plate. Light source is put on an a saturation photocurrent is recorded. An electric field is switched on which has a vertically downward direction -

Question 6

From the figure describing photoelectric effect we may infer correctly that -

Question 7

Silver has a work function fo 4.7 eV. When ultraviolet light of wavelength 100 nm is incident upon it, a potential of 7.7 volt is required to stop the photoelectrons from reaching the collector plate. The potential required to stop photo electrons when light of wavelength 200 nm is incident upon silver is-

Question 8

When a certain metal surface is illuminated with light of frequency v, the stopping potential for photoelectric current is V0. When the same surface is illuminated by light of frequency the stopping potential is (V0/4).The threshold frequency for photoelectric emission is
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