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Class XII Physics Communication System Quiz 3

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Question 1

When the area covered by a T.V. telecast is increased by four time, then the height of a transmitting antenna will be

Question 2

If an antenna radiates electromagnetic wave from a height of h then the range of coverage d is given by, where R is the radius of the earth

Question 3

An AM wave has 1800 W of total power content. For 100% modulation the carrier should have power content equal to

Question 4

The total power content of an AM wave is 900 W. For 100% modulation, the power transmitted by each side band is

Question 5

Amplitude modulation has

Question 6

For how much carrier power, an AM transmitter radiating 100KW power has modulation percentage of 25%.

Question 7

If the maximum and minimum voltage for an amplitude modulated wave are 150 V and 75 V respectively. Then find the ratio of amplitudes of carrier and signal wave.

Question 8

If a 24 V/m electric field of frequency 4.0 x 1010 Hz oscillates sinusoidally in a plane electromagnetic wave, then the total average energy density of the wave is
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