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Class XII Physics Communication System Quiz 2

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Question 1

In amplitude modulation, sinusoidal carrier frequency used is denoted by and the signal frequency is denoted by. The bandwidth of the signal is such that. Which of the following frequencies is not contained in the modulated wave?

Question 2

The modulation index of an FM is 0.35. If modulating frequency is 5 kHz, the maximum deviation of frequency would be

Question 3

A plane electromagnetic wave of wavelength λ has an intensity I. It is propagating along the positive Y-direction. The allowed expressions for the electric and magnetic fields are given by :

Question 4

A monochromatic beam of light has a frequency and is propagating along the direction It is polarized along the direction. The acceptable form for the magnetic field is :

Question 5

Long range radio transmission is possible when the radio waves are reflected from the ionosphere. For this to happen the frequency of the radio waves must be in the range:

Question 6

An electromagnetic wave of frequency hertz is propagating along z-axis. The amplitude of electric field is 4 V/m. If then average energy density of electric field will be :

Question 7

An EM wave from air enters a medium. The electric fields are
in air and in medium, where the wave number k and frequency refer to their values in air. The medium is non-magnetic. If and refer to relative permittivities of air and medium respectively, which of the following options is correct?

Question 8

For plane electromagnetic waves propagating in the z direction, which one of the following combination gives the correct possible direction for and field respectively?
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