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Class XII Physics Atoms Quiz 2

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Question 1

In a nuclear reactor 400 MeV is generated due to fission of one atom of 92U235.Suppose we want to produce power equivalent to 3kW then what will be the number of fissions required?

Question 2

Which of the following does not hold good for nuclear fission reaction process?

Question 3

The radius of 29Cu64 nucleus in Fermi is
(given R0=1.2×10-15 m)

Question 4

Nuclear reactor in which uranium-235 is used as fuel, uses 2 kg of uranium-235 in 30 days. Then power output of the reactor will be (given: Energy released per fission = 185 MeV)

Question 5

A gamma-ray photon breaks a deuteron into a proton and a neutron (photon disintegration). Find the minimum possible energy of the gamma ray in MeV. Given

Question 6

A solution containing active cobalt Co having activity of 0.8 μCi and decay constant λ is injected in an animal’s body. If 1 cm3 of blood is drawn from the animal’s body after 10 hrs of injection, the activity found was 300 decays per minute. What is the volume of blood that is flowing in the body ? (1 Ci=3.7×1010 decays per second and at

Question 7

A 60 mg radioactive element Y was found to have become 30 mg after 4.5 days. Then, how much of 40 mg of that radioactive element will remain after 90 days?

Question 8

At time t = 0, a container has N0 radioactive atoms with a decay constant λ. In addition, c numbers of atoms of the same type are being added to the container per unit time. How many atoms of this type are there at t – T?
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