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Class XII Physics Atoms Quiz 1

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Question 1

An electron in a hydrogen atom makes a transition from n1 to n2. The time period of the electron in the initial state is eight times that in the final state. The possible value of n1 and n2 are

Question 2

Suppose that a ray of blue colour is emitted during the transition of electron from n=6 to n=4 in He+ .Which electronic transition in Balmer series of hydrogen atom would emit the same colour?

Question 3

The Kα X-ray emission line of tungsten occurs at λ= 0.021 nm. The energy difference between K and L levels in this atom is about

Question 4

Which of the following spectral series of hydrogen atom is lying in visible range of electromagnetic wave?

Question 5

According to the Bohr's theory of hydrogen atom, the speed of the electron, energy and the radius of its orbit vary with the principal quantum number n, respectively, as

Question 6

The diagram shows the energy levels for an electron in a certain atom. Which transition shown represents the emission of a photon with the most energy?

Question 7

Which of the following is a wrong description of binding energy of a nucleus?

Question 8

Atomic mass of 83Bi209 is 208.980388 u and that of 26Fe56 is 55.934939 u. Which nucleus is more stable? Given that mass of a proton= 1.007825 u and mass of a neutron = 1.008665 u
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